Marie Clayton, MSN, RN

WCSI Caritas Coach®

Marie Clayton became a nurse to answer her call to be impactful to humanity, and furthered her education to become an educator to further that calling. Learning about Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring has resonated with her since the day she learned about it in Dr. Sitzman’s class, the first day of the BSN Program. Marie taught at Weber State University for several years in Ogden, Utah in the Bachelor of Integrated Studies, whereupon her students were required to complete a Capstone Project. These projects were usually implemented into communities and she used her community health nursing skills and knowledge to impact these projects. She has also taught as Adjunct Faculty in the Nursing Department at Weber State as well. Fun fact: She graduated with her Master’s in Nursing Education when her twins were two, so she was pregnant with and caring for preemie and toddler twins during grad school.

Marie has been a lead facilitator for the “Caring Science, Mindful Practice” Massive Open Online Course since it started in May of 2015 and supports it each time it is offered twice a year. She feels each student, each concept, each interaction is sacred and is greatly honored to witness and be a part of these interactions. The growth and validation she can aid in for them is very inspirational to her.