Caritas Coach Education Program® 2.0 Application

CCEP 2.0 Application

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    Please answer each question thoughtfully and completely. Applicants are accepted into the program based on their knowledge and experience with caring science, vision and reason for applying to CCEP, written essay, ability to express oneself, and dedication to completion of the program.

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Application Deadline

The application for October 2017 is now closed.

You may apply for April 2018.

The application deadline is March 16, 2018.

A $25 non-refundable processing fee must be paid at the time of CCEP application.

Application Fee


The Caritas Coach Education Program is a unique six-month educational program that requires an application process, application fee, and tuition payment. A new Cohort of CCEP students is admitted to the Program every six-months, in October and April each year.

CCEP is structured as an experiential, aesthetic, personal, ethical, and intellectual journey designed to prepare clinicians, educators, caregivers, and leaders with knowledge, experience, and informed practices of Caring Science and the Theory of Human Caring. Participants will learn how to synthesize, integrate, and translate the philosophy, values, ethics, and theory of Caring Science into authentic Caritas-Ways-of-Being for self and others. The integration of Caring Science into professional practice enhances and strengthens ethics and values with a focus on the wholeness and unique perspective of each person, treating each with respect and dignity to improve the quality of care provided.

A combination of innovative teaching-learning methodologies, self-reflection, authentic dialogue, ‘teachings’ and wisdom traditions are explored to assist the participants in living out Heart-Centered-Caritas Practices for self, other, and systems. Individual personal/professional life goals are honored through the collective journey of the Caritas Coach® learning experience. The CCEP faculty support students by meeting virtually to assist with Caring Science project development and implementation, abstract writing, and poster creation.


The Caritas Coach Education Program is an American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC)-accredited Nursing Skills Competency Program. Contact hours for this educational offering will be provided to registered nurses after completion of the program.


The Caritas Coach Education Program is a rigorous, time intensive program and requires:

  • attendance to two onsite CCEP seminars
  • weekly online discussion and reflection posts
  • six-months of faculty guided intensive work reading and writing about Caring Science
  • daily personal journaling
  • integration of reflective caring practices into daily life
  • completion of four Learning Activity Guides with assigned reading in three of Jean Watson’s books and articles
  • implementation of a Caring Science project, creation of a poster, portfolio, and written abstract.
Acceptance Policy

Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis, and in the order in which they are received. Acceptance into a requested CCEP cohort may be granted, but cannot be guaranteed. Actual participant cohort placement is based on date of the formal receipt of the completed application and application fee, available space, faculty review, and successful completion of all program prerequisites/requirements, including tuition. Late submissions (less than six weeks prior to a scheduled program) may necessitate the advancement of a candidate into the next scheduled CCEP program.

Applicants are accepted based on their knowledge and experience with caring science, Theory of Human Caring, reasons for applying CCEP, written essay, reflective and thoughtful answers on application, ability to express oneself, and commitment to program completion. To be considered for CCEP, it is important to answer each question thoughtfully and completely.

Relation of CCEP Application to International Caritas Consortium (ICC) Registration

The ICC is a separate two-day gathering of health care providers from various institutional systems and of individuals who are actively engaged in applying Caring Science and the Theory of Human Caring. The ICC provides opportunities for networking and formal presentations of ongoing research and application of the theory. Participation in ICC requires a separate registration and registration fee.

The fall on-site required CCEP seminar will be held immediately following the annual gathering of the International Caritas Consortium (ICC). ICC meetings followed by CCEP seminars are conducted in various locations once a year in the fall. They are hosted by healthcare systems/organizations actively engaged in applying Caring Science and the Theory of Human Caring. Accepted CCEP students are invited to attend ICC, but it is not required.

CCEP Additional Costs

CCEP tuition does not include the costs for the ICC registration fees, the costs of attending the ICC meetings or the social activities held in conjunction with the ICC. In addition there are costs for the travel, hotel accommodations and meals associated with attending the four-day ICC/CCEP meetings at the start and end of the CCEP Program.

CCEP Program Coordinator

Jan Anderson, EdD, RN, AHN-BC
Watson Caring Science Caritas Coach®
HeartMath® Coach

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