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The importance of Caring Science in healthcare and beyond

Kathleen Sitzman, PhD, RN, CNE, ANEF, FAAN presents her recent Caring Science service work at UMA (Universidad Maria Auxiliadora) in Lima, Peru, June 2018. Kathleen is a Professor at East Carolina University in the College of Nursing, a Watson Caring Science Scholar and WCSI Faculty Associate. She has co-authored four books and published over a hundred peer reviewed articles and 10 national studies related to various aspects of Caring Science in nursing. Her primary focus is to describe and promote deliberative caring in nursing and beyond. She also teaches a free MOOC course: ‘Mindful Practice, Caring Science,’ an introduction to Watson’s Caring Science.

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Research Study for Caritas Coaches®, Nurse Leaders & Scholars

WCSI Caritas Coaches®, Nurse Leaders and Scholars, please consider participating in the research study, The relationship between the practice environment (patient experience/patient quality outcomes and nurse satisfaction) in healthcare organizations and a professional practice framework informed by nursing theory /nursing science. The research was approved by FAU IRB. The purpose of the study is to collect quantitative data related to hospital, CNO, nursing staff and patient data characteristics in hospitals.

The only procedure involved in this research study is completion of the survey link below:

It should take no more than 30-45 minutes to complete the survey. If you need to stop the survey and come back to it later your entered data will be saved. All requested data is non-PHI data, and your name will not be linked to the survey responses. You are free to skip any question if you are not comfortable sharing the results. Your participation in the study is voluntary.

The risks associated with this study are minimal and you may benefit from having the opportunity to review and present your own hospital data in an organized manner.

An additional benefit is the contribution to nursing knowledge related to nurse, patient, and system outcomes in hospitals.

If you experience problems or have questions regarding your rights as a research subject contact the Florida Atlantic University Division of Research at 561-297-1383. For other questions about the study please call the principal investigator (Dr. Marian Turkel) at 561-297-3264.

By completing the survey you give consent to participate in this study. If you choose, you can print a copy of this page for your personal records.

The second part of our research study involves a telephone interview or an in-person interview (approximately 30-60 minutes) with the Chief Nursing Officer or designee regarding use of a nursing theoretical framework to guide professional nursing practice. We want to explore this issue in more detail and welcome your thoughts, impressions, and opinions related to using or not using a designated nursing theory or theories to guide professional nursing practice in your setting. We welcome your thoughts and opinions on this subject.

Please e-mail if you are willing to participate in this interview.

Marian Turkel, RN, PhD, NEA-BC, FAAN
Associate Professor
Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing
Florida Atlantic University
777 Glades Road Room 334
Boca Raton, FL 33431
Phone 561-297-3264
Fax 561-297-2416

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WCSI Global Human Caring – Arts Health Humanity

Save the date! October 12-14, 2018
with optional champagne reception October 11th

WCSI in Brighton, UK

WCSI is working with European partners, local artists and influencers to offer a dynamic two-day conference. With a combined offer of speakers and arts activities, participants will have a chance to experience the arts as a potential tool to inform their practice, self, and/or system. Speakers will speak on the theme of ‘What makes a healthy city/city of compassion or ‘City of Communitas’ based on the 10 Caritas Processes® developed by Distinguished Professor Jean Watson. Dr. Watson will be on hand to open and close the conference.

In addition, starting October 10th, there will be an option to participate in a 24 hour ‘lunch-to-lunch’ urban retreat offer hosted by Anna Biley; DipN MSc (Nursing), Doctorate Caring Science (WCSI), and Frameworks for Change, Andy Bradley. More info to follow.

To translate the ethos and ethics of Caring Science as a modality to impact a wider audience — to engage and support those working in a variety of sectors who share a common base: to consciously and intentionally bring Love to the center of our work, one person / one health practitioner / one Leader / one artist / one community, at a time.

This conference is for anyone interested in health and well-being, community cohesion: educators, artists, civil servants, nurse practitioners, and health care systems.

The offer is publicized through our WCSI family, Brighton Universities and Hospitals, their staff, systems and students, residents, and European affiliates such as the European Academy of Caring Science.

Vibrant, Colourful & Creative — Brighton is a fun, quirky coastal town only an hour away from central London by train. With its bohemian, creative vibe, Brighton is where England’s seaside experience goes from cold to cool.

Please let us know your expression of interest to give us an idea of numbers by emailing

Watson Rooms – a sanctuary for busy hospital staff

Boulder, CO — December 2017

Example of one of Crewe’s Watson Rooms

Imagine opening a door within a bustling hospital unit, labelled ‘staff only, one person at a time.’ Upon entering, you encounter soft lighting, a massage chair, soothing scents, kinetic sand, and a singing bowl. Cell phones, computers and food are not allowed in the room. Welcome to a ‘Watson Room’, one of 15 throughout Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center – and other satellite locations, with more in development. The Watson Room is a quiet and safe space for team members to decompress or relax after experiencing stress in their work. It is a sacred space.

The idea is spreading globally. There are Watson-inspired rooms at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center in Paterson NJ; Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center, Houston TX; UCLA-Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Los Angeles, CA; and Clínica Santa Isabel, Lima Peru. Stanford Health in Stanford, CA calls them ‘Zen Rooms’.

In Virginia, the inspiration came from the personal experience of Dr. Crystal Crewe DNP, RN VCU Health, now a Nurse Manager for the Clinical Decision Unit, part of the Emergency Department. “As a supplemental staff nurse for so many years, I knew first-hand the stress levels and what helped me prepare for my patients,” Crewe explains, “I’d find a small space, a closet, storage room, bathroom, anywhere quiet to have some me-time – to prepare me to authentically care for others.”

While studying for her DNP, Crewe created The Watson Room for her project. “We started with one pilot,” Crewe says, “and the news spread like wild fire!” The Watson Rooms are now being incorporated into VCU Medical Center’s 2.2-billion-dollar renovation and will be infused into their new Twin Towers.

Jean Watson, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN Founder/Director Watson Caring Science Institute said “I am honored by Crystal and other’s commitment to live out the theory of Caring Science. These sacred spaces within systems are designed to remind nurses and colleagues of their worth, and explicitly bring Love into healthcare.”

Now Crewe plans to conduct another ProQOL (Professional Quality of Life Elements Theory and Measurement) study alongside her original data to assess the compassion levels of team members having experienced The Watson Room. “In the past, projects evaluate patient satisfaction, falls, sepsis, pain scores, etcetera.” Crewe says, “Never prior to my project did we have one focusing on staff caring for themselves while caring for others, and its impact.” Pilot research from a partnership with WCSI and Press Ganey indicate health practitioners are better equipped to care for patients when they first care for themselves.

The Watson Rooms have made a significant impact to Crewe’s system. “I get stopped all the time by staff thanking me for bringing such a wonderful project to our organization.”

Further Information:

About Crystal Crewe
Dr. Crystal Crewe is a nurse manager at VCU Health, Clinical Decision Unit which is part of the Emergency Department. She’s been a nurse for over 23 years and understands first-hand the stressful situations front line staff incur daily. Whilst working on her DNP, she focused on compassion fatigue and the affect it has on nurses. She implemented what is now known as The Watson Room at VCU Medical Center for staff to have a place to relax and decompress after stress. She is happy to share information on how you can create your own Watson Room based on Dr. Jean Watson’s Caring Science Theory and Care of Self.

Crystal can be reached at or 804-828-4313.

About Jean Watson
Jean Watson, Founder and Director of Watson Caring Science Institute — Bio


Watson Caring Science Institute
4450 Arapahoe Avenue, Ste 100
Boulder, CO 80303 USA
WCSI Voicemail System: 303-546-7970

Jean Watson Receives International Honorary Doctorate

Dr. Jean Watson

Boulder CO – Sept 2017

Dr. Jean Watson, dubbed the ‘Rock Star of Nursing’ was recently in Colombia where she received a prestigious International Honorary Doctorate from the Popular Universidad del Cesar, in Valledupar, Colombia. This is the 14th Doctorate awarded to her – honoring her contribution to the field of nursing and Caring Science.

Watson, an educator and founder/director of the global non-profit organization, Watson Caring Science Institute, also holds several other high-ranking titles, which include Living Legend of the American Academy of Nursing, its highest honor.

As the nursing profession evolves, so too does our understanding of what caring for humanity involves. “It is a matter of life and death if we don’t return to the source of compassion” said Watson. “Overtime, our systems have treated patients as another ‘task and object,’ instead of human beings. Nursing has a responsibility to preserve and sustain human caring and human dignity, in midst of system and societal threats.”

In addition to her recent Colombian award, Watson’s contributions to global nursing scholarship in Caring Science and the theory of human caring have been Internationally recognized by Honorary Doctorates from universities in Sweden, Spain, Japan, Turkey, Peru, England, Quebec and British Colombia, Canada.

For further information

Reflection on Nursing Science

Shelly Kolb

The following reflection was written by Shelly Kolb, who is currently enrolled in the innagural cohort at the Sacramento campus for the RN-TO-BSN program at Samuel Merritt University. She is an ADN nurse, working on completing her Bachelor’s degree in nursing.

This reflection was part of the Nursing Science Course II reflective journal assignment. This particular reflection was the analysis of the course and what was learned.

This quote and photo are used with permission.

During this semester, I learned to be open and vulnerable in all situations I encounter. This experience made me realize that throughout my career and my personal life I had an enormous amount of fear. Nursing Science has opened my eyes to awareness of myself. Therefore, I could open myself up to others. This course has given me the tools to widen the lens that I view the world around me. Being exposed to Jean Watson’s Caritas Processes® during this program has changed my practice as a clinician.

The Caritas Processes have also influenced my personal life. During this course having the exposure to the OSCE simulation in Oakland provided an outstanding opportunity to work in a safe space to simulate my clinical practice, Team STEPPS, collaboration, debriefing about the OSCE process.

One of the most impactful, significant lessons in nursing science was the unitary transformative model. Being able to care for self and others’ entire being. Allowing myself to be vulnerable in each moment and interaction with others. Before this program, my thought process was very one directional. Looking back at my career and personal life I was narrow-minded. However, I did not realize it at the time.

The tools given to me with the nursing science course will stay with me my entire life. This course gave me the confidence to face my fears. I have shared the information I have learned with my coworkers, management, and my family. The transformation within myself has changed the environment around me. The new ways of learning, for example, the mind map analysis allowed me to learn important clinical information that my practice was lacking in a creative way. Once I faced my fears of learning in a new fashion and embraced the process, I really enjoyed the process.

OSCE = objective structure clinical encounter = a simulation of a patient encounter with standardized patients [actors] Team STEPPS = a program of communication for teams to reduce errors in team performance

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Save the Date & Call For Abstracts — 6th Annual Middle Eastern Nurses Conference

July 25, 2017
Save the Date & Call for Abstracts

February 1-3, 2018
Golden Tulip Hotel
Aqaba, Jordan

The Sixth Annual Nurses in the Middle East, Partners in Caring Science and Watson Caring Science Institute announce the Call for Abstracts for the February 1-3, 2018 conference in Aqaba, Jordan.

Conference Theme: The Nursing Force in Promoting Health Equity

This conference invites international collaboration and cutting-edge approaches to Caring Science/Caritas Processes® practice and theory-guided approaches to care for the caregiver/patients/families in this time of systemic, societal, and global crises.

Conference Objectives:
  • Unite diverse perspectives of human caring, transcending borders, religions, cultures, and boundaries for authentic caring-healing and health for all.
  • Explore global human caring-healing needs and approaches of caregivers and how to create a community of caring-healing practitioners, transcending current structures and systems.
  • Health care policy recommendations will be explored that address individual and system caring practices that support transformative, comprehensive, authentic human caring for all people around the globe. This conference theme unites all health professionals under a shared commitment to offer knowledgeable, compassionate human caring to self-other-society.
Guidelines for Abstract:

Nurses and all health professionals, managers, clinicians, educators, and researchers are invited to submit abstracts and/or posters consistent with the theme of the Nurses of the Middle East/Partners in Caring Science conference.

Title: Limited to 65 characters

Abstract Content: Maximum 320 words, including required subheadings. Excludes the APA formatted bibliography.

Selection: Abstracts will be competitively elected for formal presentation or poster presentation on the basis of scholarship, creativity, coherence, and authentic relevance to the conference theme.

  • Now accepting abstracts through October 27th, 2017.
  • Notifications will be sent to applicants by December 15th 2017.
  • Participants must register for the conference to have abstract accepted. Click here to register.

Please submit your abstract to with the subject “Aqaba 2018 Abstract.”

Travel Grants Available:

In order to apply for a travel grant, you must be from a Middle Eastern country, your abstract must be accepted to present, and you must send a one page (300 word) Word document describing why you should be considered for receiving a travel grant.

Learn more about Middle Eastern Nurses & Partners Uniting in Human Caring.

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Caritas Coach Education Program® (CCEP 2.0)

Dr .Watson and Watson Caring Science Institute (WCSI) Board of Directors are pleased to announce the continuation of the Caritas Coach Education Program® (CCEP 2.0).

As the program transitions back to WCSI from the Watson Caring Science Center (WCSC) University of Colorado College of Nursing (CU-CON), we honor Center Director, Dr. Sara Horton-Deutsch, for her continuing leadership and participation. We gracefully appreciate CU-CON for its transition support. Together, we remain committed to sustain and support the program and the growing Caritas Community.

Applications are now being accepted for the October 2017 Caritas Coach Education Program in San Mateo, CA.

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Michael E. DeBakey Veterans Affairs Medical Center Named Caring Science Affiliate by Watson Caring Science Institute

July 2017

Boulder, CO – Watson Caring Science Institute (WCSI) and Dr. Jean Watson are proud to announce the Michael E. DeBakey Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center, Houston Texas, has been named a National Caring Science System ™of WCSI.

The designation recognizes Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center’s exemplary integration of caring theory and leadership commitment to offer informed Caring Science practices, to their veterans. Whilst many of the 448 National VA Hospitals are using Watson Caring Science theory in their centers, the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center is only the fourth VA Medical Centre to have received ‘National Caring Science’ recognition status. The other VA hospitals with this designation are Washington DC, Atlanta, and James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital in Tampa.

Kelly Irving, Associate Director Patient Care Services, of Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center said: “We are delighted to be recognized as a WCSI National Caring Science System™. By integrating the WCSI ethos of Caring Science into everything we do shows we are committed to providing outstanding caring science for patients, family and staff.”

Jean Watson, Founder and Director of WCSI said: “Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center has shown their commitment towards authentic, deep-rooted and sustainable Caring Science. We are thrilled to welcome the organization as a National Caring Science System™ to further develop the emerging field of Caring Science.”

To become a National Caring Science System™, Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center demonstrated to WCSI the authentically, deep-rooted and sustainable commitment to integrating Caring Science to transform and broaden whole person health and healing for its staff, patients, families and the surrounding community.

About Watson Caring Science Institute (WCSI)

The WSCI is an international non-profit organization that advances the philosophies, theories and practices of Human Caring/Caring Science. It was founded by Jean Watson, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN, who serves as founder and director. Focusing on research, education, praxis and legacy, the institute aims to widen the development and understanding of Caring Science to inform our notion of quality care and healing environments. Currently there are over 400 hospitals throughout the USA with many other partner Healthcare systems globally using the WCSI theory. There are now over 350 WCSI trained practitioner leaders or ‘Caritas Coaches®’ throughout the world. Texts on Watson’s theory of caring is taught in Universities worldwide and translated into over 7 languages.

To become a National Caring Science System™ of WCSI, an organization must demonstrate specific criteria related to authentic human caring-healing practices for its whole community. For more information, please visit

About Jean Watson

Jean Watson is a Distinguished Professor Emerita and Dean Emerita of the University of Colorado Denver, College of Nursing, where she held the Endowed Chair in Caring Science at the University of Colorado Denver and Health Sciences Center. She is the founder of the original Center for Human Caring in Colorado and an American Academy of Nursing Fellow. Watson also is the recipient of numerous awards and honors, including the National Fetzer Institute Norman Cousins Award, an International Kellogg Fellowship in Australia, a Fulbright Research and Lecture Award in Sweden, and six international honorary doctorate degrees. Watson is the author of more than 100 publications in Caring Science and of more than 30 books on the Science of Human Caring™, including the classic: Nursing. The Philosophy and Science of Caring which identifies the 10 core “Caritas Processes®’, universals of human caring, necessary for studying and implementing a model of Caring Science in practice. This work restores the deep-spiritual dimensions of Love with caring-healing as the foundation for preparing a new level of practitioners in Caring Science/Caritas HealthCare.

About Michael E. DeBakey Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Michael E. DeBakey Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Houston is a care facility partnered with the United States Department of Veterans Affairs in the Texas Medical Center in Houston, Texas, United States. Its Mission Statement is ‘To fulfill President Lincoln’s promise “To care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan” by serving and honouring the men and women who are America’s veterans’. For more information, please visit


Watson Caring Science Institute
4450 Arapahoe Avenue, Ste 100
Boulder, CO 80303 USA
WCSI Voicemail System: 303-546-7970


Jean Watson, Founder and Director, Watson Caring Science Institute

Kelly Irving, Associate Director Patient Care Services, of Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center

John Matthew Kertland V — A Celebration of Life

by Grissel Hernandez, WCSI Volunteer Faculty Associate

January 27, 1964 – June 28, 2017

John Matthew Kertland V, 53, died unexpectedly at home on June 28, 2017 exactly two days after admitting in writing he needed to listen and apply more of what his wife said. Obviously, such revelation managed to be too powerful for his South Jersey heart. He would like us to believe he still looked in his early 40s, a fact he attributed to his daily skin care regimen with Lubriderm. He swore by it and emailed the company several times in hopes of receiving a lifetime supply. We are still waiting for the shipment.

John was born in Somers Point, New Jersey on January 27, 1964 to John M., IV and Judith M. Kertland; and raised by his grandparents, John M. and Dorothy Kertland, and his great-aunt, Hellen who loved him as her own son. He lived a wild and crazy life in his 20s and early 30s until he met his future wife, Grissel Hernandez on December 19, 1998. John was two hours late for their first date and he blamed it on his heartache after hearing President Clinton was impeached by Congress that day. We were still debating his version of the story.

John had many feelings about many things, particularly religion, bitcoin, political correctness, war on drugs, ancient aliens, and the medicinal properties of the sacred herb, cannabis.

John is survived by his wife, Grissel, his four-legged children, Simon, J.J., and Luci and countless other friends and families who loved him and miss him dearly. He is preceded in death by his parents, four-legged children, Kelly, Raider, Jack, Ivan, Miss P.C., and almost every person or alien who ever lived on this planet.

John suffered for many years with panic and anxiety attacks. However, during the last year of his life he began integrating Watson Caring Science caritas processes, practicing lovingkindness meditation and spending countless hours in his garden tending to his Jersey tomatoes, bells peppers and herb garden. His favorite Caritas Process™ was #5, allowing for positive and negative feelings!!!! He called gardening his spiritual practice and attributed his practice of lovingkindness with his new-found sense of peace.

John wanted to be cremated and asked to “sprinkle his ashes in as many WAWA store coffee pots”, a reference only his East Coast friends will understand. Luckily for his wife, there are no WAWAs in California.

John was deeply loved by his wife, friends and family. He was a loyal friend and a fierce enemy, yet had a kind heart. We will miss his laughter, witty, and brutal honesty. A private celebration of life will be held in late July.

In lieu of flowers, please consider donating in memory of John M. Kertland to the Watson Caring Science Institute.

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WCSI 2.0 – Updates from Jean Watson

June 28, 2017

WCSI 2.0 Updates from Jean Watson, Founder of Non-Profit Watson Caring Science Institute (WCSI)

I am delighted to introduce my daughter, Julie Watson, as a new support to me and WCSI where she will work virtually, as well as in person, for selected WCSI events and programs.

Click here to view short video clip of our joint introduction.

Here is a visual aesthetic model of internal organization of WCSI 2.0 update. This visual model depicts the center as Caring Science with foci in Research, Education, Praxis (informed moral practice theory guided) and Legacy for continuation of the work via stabilizing WCSI.

Julie will be the ‘Go-to-Person’, working closely with me to coordinate, organize, plan and communicate with all parties and programs. She has a background which is precisely what WCSI requires at this time for stability, and sustainability for Caring Science to be of service to our world, now and for the future.

For example with a Masters from University of Sussex UK, she has experience in creating and managing non-profits, community organization development, grant writing, event planning and management, along with digital TV programming in arts, health, and culture.

Julie can be reached at
Continuing questions to me at
Continuing questions for business, contracts
For website issues

Please join me and WCSI, Board, faculty and colleagues in welcoming her. Feel free to reach out to her with ideas, questions, coordination and future thoughts for sustaining this work in our world.

In appreciation and gratitude,

Jean Watson, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN
Watson Caring Science Institute
Boulder, Colorado 80304 USA
Distinguished Professor and Dean Emerita University of Colorado Denver,

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Happy Nurse Recognition Week 2017

Northern Westchester Hospital

We were so honored and thrilled to have Jean Watson on site during our Nurse’s Week Celebrations. Dr. Jean Watson is a pioneer nursing theorist who conceived the theory of human caring in nursing. This visit was notable because the hospital’s professional practice model is based on Dr. Watson’s theory of human caring, which provides a framework for the art and science of nursing care.

The presentation was attended by 150 nurses from the various units throughout the hospital. For those of you not able to attend the presentation, please view the video on our staff site.

“Dr. Watson’s theory is the foundation of how we care for our patients, and who we are as clinicians and nurses,” says Dr. Lauraine Spano-Szekely. “Dr. Watson’s theories live and breathe at Northern Westchester Hospital, where we combine clinical expertise with a humanistic approach to treat each patient – not as a collection of symptoms – but as an individual with physical and mental needs. Combined with our Planetree patient and family engagement Care Model, Dr. Watson’s theories inform the art of care at Northern Westchester Hospital.”

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3rd International Spirituality in Healthcare Conference

Creating Space for Spirituality in Healthcare

22 June 2017, Trinity College Dublin

Call for Abstracts: Submission deadline – extended to 10 April
Abstract submission form should be emailed to:

Abstract submission template, registration form and details of pre-conference workshops available at:

Keynote Speakers

Opening the Gates: risk and opportunity for widening participation in spiritual care
Reverend Dr Christopher Swift: Head of Chaplaincy Services, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Spirituality and Wellbeing
Mary Jo Kreitzer: Center for Spirituality & Healing, University of Minnesota

The conference is hosted by the Spirituality Research and Innovation Group, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Trinity College Dublin

Facebook: TCD.Nursing.Midwifery
Twitter: @TCD_SNM

YogaNurse at ICC

Annette Tersigni, founder of the YogaNurse® Model of Care presents at International Caritas Conference in Boston, MA. She describes the unusual turn of events from Hollywood to Healer – which brought her to create YogaNurse and unite with Jean Watson, Founder of Caring Science. Visit to learn more.

Exploring the Expansiveness of Caritas Literacy

November 11, 2016


Caritas Consciousness Webinar Series — Exploring the Expansiveness of Caritas Literacy

We warmly invite you to join us on Thursday, December 15th for a 30-minute webinar Caring Science – Exploring the evolution of Caritas Literacy with a postmodern critique –

Join Dr. Jean Watson and Dr. Sara Horton-Deutsch for a passionate and collaborative dialogue of what constitutes ‘Caritas Literacy’ or more specifically, lack of ‘human caring literacy’. A postmodern critique will be offered to uncover evidence of  ‘human caring Illiteracy’ within our current socio-political-professional institutions and society. Formal ontological practices of Caritas Literacy will be emphasized to overcome current caritas challenges. The overarching aim is to engage a critical caritas consciousness and cultivate new authentic caritas communities from within and without.

globaladvanceshumancaringBoth Sara and Jean will draw upon newly released book: Lee, S., Palmieri, P., Watson, J. (2016) Global Caring Literacy. NY: Springer.