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This transformative and unique full time doctoral program was guided by the British model of graduate study, which is based on self-directed and self-paced research, rather than course-based. Students were expected to complete the program in three years and were guided by a Faculty Advisory committee.

The doctoral program was designed as an INTERDISCIPLINARY, NON-TRADITIONAL and INTROSPECTIVE program; it was a non-accredited program that does not award university credits. Accordingly, the program was grounded in intellectual, reflective, philosophical and theoretical underpinnings of Caring Science as Sacred Science. It emphasizes transpersonal unitary consciousness, artistry of personal growth, creativity, and introspective mindfulness practices. These studies were explored and developed through theories of transpersonal caring–healing, ancient indigenous wisdom traditions, paradigms of consciousness and sacred healing energy models, science of the heart, and overall cosmology of unitary Oneness of all.

Watson Caring Science Institute Doctorates in Caring Science

Anna M. Biley, Dip. N, MSc. (Nursing), Doctorate in Caring Science
The Personal Experience of Remembering Purpose from a Caring Science Perspective

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Marlienne Goldin, RN, BSN, MPA, DCs
Nursing as Love: A Hermeneutical Phenomenological Study of the Creative Thought Within Nursing

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Nancy J. Vitali, MS, RN
Nursing Faculty Experience of Teaching from the Heart

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