Coming Home: Healing the Sacred Circle of Life-Death
Dates to be confirmed – Jan/Feb Start  2021 | ONLINE

“We work within the great circle of life-death. This reality recognizes that we all share this common task of facing our humanity at a deep level, both personally and professionally. What we do is not without consequences, in that one way or another we are contributing to and co-participating with the web of life”
(Watson, 2005, p. 137).


Welcome to Coming Home: Healing the Sacred Circle of Life-Death.

In these strange times of global pandemic, when we are disconnected and isolated in so many ways, this short course is offered as space for you, to reflect, to breathe and to connect. In this Covid world, the course offers a guided, reflective process to honour where you are at. Witnessing the total distress, suffering and loss brought about by Covid 19 is unparalleled. We all have a unique story and personal experience of this time, yet we journey together in our shared humanity.

The honour of being alongside in profound moments of loving kindness, at the edge of life transitions, is what nurses do best but one suspects this is juxtaposed with overwhelming sadness, frustration and grief, as in facing the humanity of other, we must inevitably face our own loss. And so, how are you? Wherever you are, whatever your circumstances, how are YOU?

At the time of writing this, we are in it, living it, this global pandemic, but for many there will come a time when memories and muddled thoughts flood in and threaten to overwhelm. There will come a time when it is not OK. A time when we can only keep going at huge detriment to self. When the time is right, in our own way, may we step out, reflect on our loss, acknowledge sadness and vulnerability and in doing so, take steps towards healing, recovery and joy.


The aim of this short online course is to pause and create space for self in order to restore balance. In the context of caring moments and the Caritas Processes® as described by Dr. Jean Watson’s Caring Science/Human Caring Theory, this is an invitation to come home to self and to honour the sacred circle that is life-death.

The course is offered to all who have known, witnessed, and experienced these turbulent times. It is not therapy or a replacement for therapy, but a gentle space to hold and support each other as a community of learners, and through shared storytelling and aesthetic expression, take steps together to bring hope, by exploring the natural and inevitable experience of grief and loss. Know that YOU, who continue to give so much, YOU matter.

So, if you are curious to delve a little deeper, to creatively explore our shared humanity in care, compassion and healing, please join us. You will be warmly welcomed.


6 Weeks. Week 1 begins August 16, 2020 and ends with an (optional) final live online graduation sharing event September 26, 2020.


$195.00 USD


In order to hold safe space for sharing, support and the deepening of caring relationships, the course is limited to a maximum of 30 participants.

  • Internet Access — A device with internet access will be necessary to participate in this online course.
  • Reflective Journal — Throughout the course, participants will be invited to keep a personal, reflective journal. Drawing on the journal reflections, website resources, and recommended reading, participants will be guided to present a short reflective narrative each week and will be expected to contribute to online group discussions.
  • Aesthetic Piece of Work — In addition, participants will complete an aesthetic piece of work, such as a poem, story, music, prayer, art, dance, or poster, illustrating how the values and ethics of Caring Science may support healing and wholeness and honour the sacred circle of life-death.
  • Time Commitment — It is estimated that the course will require an average of 2 hours a week of reflection/study and virtual group discussion.

Together we will co-create this learning experience, nurturing and inspiring self/other.


Coming Home Book Bundle: Purchase all 3 books at a bundled price of $45 + shipping & handling.


The course will be delivered via This course is asynchronous with weekly modules, which means learners can post and engage at their own pace weekly. Weekly learning modules will be displayed on the platform and all participants will post a response to a reflective question (max of 300 words). As a creative, caring, learning community, individuals will co-create teaching/learning, by commenting and discussing each other’s contribution. The final week will be the sharing of the personal, aesthetic expression of healing the sacred circle of life-death.

The course facilitator will email you with information on how to join the course platform ‘Canvas’.


Certificate of Completion awarded by Watson Caring Science Institute.


For questions, please contact Anna Biley at

  • Coming Home: Healing the Sacred Circle of Life-Death
    August 16, 2020 - September 26, 2020
    8:00 am - 8:00 pm
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