National / International Presentations

March 27-29, 2017. International Society of Caring and Peace, Keynote. Tokyo, Japan.

March 20-21, 2017. Grand Rounds. Stanford Healthcare. Palo Alto, CA.

March 13-19, 2017. UN program Middle East Caring & Nightingale Health. United Nations Headquarters. New York, NY.

February 6-12, 2017. Middle East Nurses Uniting in Human Caring Conference, WCSI and Caring partners, Jerusalem. Aqaba, Jordan. Coordinator, Facilitator and Speaker. Caring Science and Technology.

January 5, 2017. Professional gathering. Arizona State University College of Nursing. Phoenix, AZ

December 7, 2016. Spirituality and Caring Science Theory. Selwyn Institute Gerontology Nursing Conference. Auckland, NZ.

December 2, 2016. Chilton Health/ Atlantic Health. Major program Caring Science. Pompton Plains, N.J.

December 1, 2016. Long Island Jewish Medical Center Northwell Health. Long Island, NY. Keynote educational program. Caring–Healing models of practice.

November 21-27, 2016. Feira Santana, Brazil. Conference speaker. Caring Science Practice-Research.

November 17, 2016. Sigma Theta Tau Ceremony speaker. Jefferson College. Roanoke, VA.

November 15, 2016. Virginia Commonwealth University Hospital, Keynote and ribbon cutting ceremony of 7 ‘Watson Rooms’.

November 2 -5, 2016 Seoul, Korea, International Conference

October 24-28, 2016 International Caritas Consoritum coordinator. Brigham Women’s Hospital. Boston, MA.

October 10- 17, 2016. Wuhan, China. Keynote and coordinator. East meets West: Soul and Science Unite in Human Caring, China Consortium WCSI – Tonji University, Wuhan Hospital.

October 5-6, 2016 Magnet Conference. Book signing. Orlando, Florida

September 26 -29, 2016. Kaiser Northern California Caritas Consortium program; speaker 3 days.

September 22, 2016. Lucille Packer Stanford Children’s Hospital Caring Science, Heart Science training program.

September 15-16, 2016. Santa Barbara, CA educational program Caring Science Curriculum.

September 1-2, 2016 Caring Science program. Milwaukee, Wisconsin VA.

August 29, 2016. Caring Science celebration. Clinical Caring Units Nevada State College. Las Vegas, NV.

August 22 26, 2016 Seminars. Keynote Caring Science. Univ of Panama. Panama City, Panama.

August 1-7, 2016 Trujillo, Peru, Major conference keynote. Caring Science and Lima, Peru Conference keynote.

July 4 – 9, 2016 Postdoctoral seminar. Doctoral Seminars Caring Science as Sacred Science. Boulder, CO.

June 27-28, 2016 Seminar on Unified Theory of LOVE. NY: Bohemian Hall. Stefan Deutsch.

June 21 – 25, 2016 Spirituality and Human Caring. Trinity College of Dublin, Ireland.

June 15- 19, 2016. Caring Science Sacred Science European Seminar. Lucca, Italy

June 12- 13, 2016 Catholic University keynote. Caring Science and Caritas Practice. Rome, Italy

June 10, 2016 End Note: Unitary Caring Science. International Assoc in Human Caring. Boston, MA

May 22 –29, 2016 Keynote Caring Science: Transforming Future. Braga, Portugal – Enfermagem: A Ciencia do Cuidar Conference

May 19-20, 2016 University of Arizona Integrative Fellowship program – Caring Science and Integrative Nursing.

May 15, 2016 Cleveland Clinic Empathy – Human Caring Program – Nursing

May 11-14, 2016 Peru Arequipa and Lima Conferences in Peru – Caring Science program

May 10, 2016 Mercy Health Grand Rapids, MI – Caring Science nurses week program.

May 5, 2016 Naples Hospital Keynote: Caring Science and Professional Practice.

April 28, 2016. Kaiser – USF inaugural Illumination Series – Keynote and panel.

April 26-27, 2016 Stanford HealthGrand Rounds; All Day Intensive Human Caring Science and Practice.

April 21-22, 2016 Mazatlan, Mexico National Nursing Theory Conference. Keynote and Seminar Caring Science.

April 14-16, 2016 Azusu Pacific University Theory Conference. Caring Science Disciplinary Foundation.

April 1, 2016 Greenwich Hospital Keynote. Greenwich, CT.

2016 March 24 Reception – honoring Jean Watson/Dialogue UN Commission on Women – UN Headquarters,

2016 March 22 Keynote Caring Science leadership in practice. Peace Health, River Bend Oregon.

2016 March 6 King Faud Saudi Hospital Medical Center, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

2016 February 24-27 Jordan keynote and coordinating of conference: Middle East Nurses and Partners Uniting in Human Caring.

2016 February 10, 11 Arizona State University meeting Nursing Leadership – Caring Science.

2016 January 25 University of Colorado Health – Caring Science keynote workshop for nurse managers.

2016 January 15 workshop and presentation on Caring Science as Sacred Science. Hawaiian Professional Nursing Association. Honolulu, Hawaii. Chaminade University.

2015 November 20 Bethlehem University Palestine Territory. Program on Human Caring Theory.

2015 November 14–24 Jerusalem, Israel – Old City Jerusalem – conference Nurses Uniting in Human Caring.

2015 November 10 11 Keynote Press Ganey conference. Orlando, Fla.

2015 November 8, 9 Keynote; Caring  Science and Peace – 2nd Internatonal Conf Caring and Peace.  Japanese Defense Univ Keynote – Caring Science–Education and practice New International Collaborating Center. Red Cross College of Nursing-Tokyo, Japan

2015 November  6-7 Keynote: Caring Science Edu Conf Red Cross College of Nursing–Tokyo, Japan

2015 October 28, 29. Keynote: Caring Sc As Sacred Science – Academy Integrative Healing Medicine (AIHM) Conference. San Diego, CA.

2015 October 19, 20–25. Student Seminars – Consultation/Speaking Viterbo University; Gundersen–Lutheran, La Crosse, Wisconsin and Onalaska, Wi Founder/Participant International Caritas Consortium

2015 October 7, Chair Caring Sc Executive Council WCSI–Magnet Conf–Atlanta, Ga

2015 October 2, 2015 University Seminar Day Texas Woman’s Univ. Houston, TX.

2015 September 12–25 Keynote: Ubunte & CaringSc:  International South Africa Caritas Consortium – Johannesburg, SA and Univ SA-Pretoria –seminar w students

2015 September 7, 8, 2015 keynotes and consultation Memorial Hospital & University of Notre Dame –SoBend IN

2015 August 10–13, 2015. Norway. Keynote/ International Human Caring Research Conference. Culture and
Morality. Trhoheim, Norway.

2015 July 27-29, 2015 Kaiser Northern Ca Caritas Consortium. Closing Keynote Speaker/ each day. San Ramon, CA

2015 July 13–16. National Caring Science Affiliate organization site. Jackonsville, Baptist Health, Florida; Atlanta VA, Atlanta, Georgia.

2015 July 1-2. San Diego. First Endowed Lecturer. National University, San Diego, & La Jolla, CA.

2015 June 23-25. Keynote South American Congress. Theory of Human caring. Embracing Being. Chiclayo, Peru.

2015 May 27-30. Caring Science Educational Seminars. Lucca, Italy.

2015 May 24-26. European Nurses Caring Science Assoc gathering–Geneva, Switzerland & Lausanne, Switzerland–Ecole La Source.

2015 May 18-19. Middle eastern Nursing Congress. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

2015 May 10-13. Keynote/Workshop Caring Science. Irsee, Germany.

2015 May 6. Nurses Week Keynote. Washington DC VA. Washington, DC.

2015 May 1. Keynote Luncheon Promise of Nursing Celebration. Arizona Nurses Association. Phoenix, AZ

2015 April 27. Keynote: Caring Science/Caring Theory . Getwell Network Conference. Washington, DC

2015 April 15. Keynote Endowed lectureship. University of Wyoming. Laramie,Wyo.

2015 April 13. Caring Science/Heart Science Program. Washington DCVA. Washington, DC.

2015 April 9, Keynote address Westberg Seminar. Memphis, TN.

2015 March 5-6. Keynote Anniversary. University of Sonora, Mexico. Hermosillo, Mexico,

2015 February 24-26. Keynote-CaringScience Program. Sidra Hospital. Doha, Qatar.

2015 February 16–21. Moderator-organizer-keynote. Middle East Nurses uniting in Human Caring. Aqaba, Jordan.

2015 February 9-13. Postmodern Nursing Graduate Seminars, Erciyes University, Kayseri, Turkey.

2015 February 5. Taipei, Taiwan. Keynote–Caring Science as Disciplinary foundation of Nursing. East Asia Forum Nursing Scholars Annual Conference.

2015 January 29. Tampa, Florida . Inaugural Research Conference–Baycare–Winter Haven Hospital.

2015 January 15. Caring Science/Heart Science Program. Washington DC Veteran’s Hospital. Washington, DC

2015 January 14. Caring Science Heart Science Program. Brigham-Women’s, Boston.

2014 December 3. Caring Science/Heart Science program. Brigham-Women’s, Boston, Massachusetts

2014 November. 17. Keynote Caring Science  & Education – Practice workshop. University of Maine, Augusta.

2014 November 10-12. Tipperary, Ireland. Keynote: Graceful passage to the heart of compassion. 6th International Conference “Compassionate approaches to Healing our inner pain and spirit.”

2014 October 21–25. University of Chihuahua, Mexico Latin American Congress. Keynote. Caring Sc Education and Practice

2014 October ANCC-Magnet Conference keynote: Leadership –Magnet Nurses of Year..Dallas, Texas

2014 October 6, Eisenhower Medical Center Conference. El Rancho, CA: Invited keyote Caring as Content and Context.

2014 October 2-4, Spalding University, Louisville, KY. Keynote: Center for Caring & Compassion.

2014 September 16. Beijing Hospital, Beijing, China Caring Science theory & practice

2014 September 16. Peking University, Beijing, China Medical Humanities Seminar Caring Sc-Theory

2014 September 12. Spalding University; Louisville, KY..Anne Blincoe Conboy. ‘Awakening the inner self–through Living a Caring-Healing life.

2014, August 1. Einstein Health Network. Seminars: Philadelphia.

2014 July 30 –31. All day program Caring Sc. Theory-Practice. Veterans Hospital, DC.

2014, July 25. Caring Sc. HeartSc. TCH conference. Denver, Co.

2014, June 30.  Caring theory-guided practice. UPMC Hamot, Erie, PA

2014, June 23, 24. Paper: Overview of global Caring Science:  European Nurses Uniting in Human Caring–conference  Torino, Italy.

2014, June 19. Keynote; Caring Science:  University of Maribor, Slovenia. International Conference. Maribor, Slovenia.

2014 June 17. Seminar-keynote: Ecole la Source Univ. Lausanne, Switzerland.

2014 June 12. Keynote: Caring Sc. Edu. Practice-research. XII Congress Polish Nursing Society. Krakow, Poland.

2014 May 29. Tokyo Women’s University Hospital. Keynote: Human Caring theory-science. Tokyo, Japan.

2014, May 25. Universality and Diversity of Human Caring. Opening Keynote: IAHC conference. Kyoto, Japan.

2014 May 21. Keynote Human Caring seminars – faculty-students. Univ of Tachibana, Kyoto, Japan.

2014 May 9-10.  Seminars/Keynote–University of Quindia, Armenia, Colombia, SA.

2014 May 7. Baptist Health, Miami. All Day program Nurses Week. Human caring. Miami, Fla.

2014 May 6. Consultation-presentations Nurses Week. Univ of Miami Hospital, Miami, Fla.

2014 May 1. St.Joseph’s hospital All day program: CaringScience/theory practice. Patterson, NJ.

2014 April 29. Keynote/workshop Human Caring Theory-Practice. Tampa, Veterans Hospital. Tampa, Florida

2104, April. 23–24. Keynote. Workshop>Caring Sc: Human Caring Practice. Detroit, MI. Henry Ford Hospital

2014, April 14. Graduate seminar. Univ of Iceland, Reykjavik, Iceland.

2014, April 10-12. Spirit of Humanity Forum.  panel. Reykjavik , Iceland.

2014 April 1-3. University of San Francisco Endowed Crawford Lecturer Speaker: Global Caring Science.

2014 Mary 16-25. Pretoria and Johannsburg, South Africa. University SA and Univ JoBurg keynotes and planning for 1st SA International Caritas Consortium – September 15 –18, 2015.

2014 March 12 14. Chihuahua, Mexico. University of Chihuahua launching 1st International Academic-Educational Affiliate WCSI.

2014 March 7. St Mary’s Divinity Health. Long Beach, CA. Keynote: Caring Science Professional model. Nursing Annual Celebration.

2014 March 5. Stanford University Hospital. Palo Alto, CANursing Grand Rounds keynote.

2014 February 13–17. Aqaba, Jordan. Moderator/speaker/Coordinator. Middle Eastern Nurses Uniting in Human Caring.

2014 February 9–12, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. 1st International conference on Nursing Education. Keynote: Caring Science as ethical and scientific foundation for nursing education.

2013 November 21-22. Wake Forest Baptist health, Winston Salem, NC. Regional conference keynote. Caring Sc update.

2013 Nov. 6-9. St. Thomas Cruise AHNA – keynotes and seminars

2013 Oct 24. French Lick, IN. Indiana Nurse Executive conference. Keynote. Transformative leadership

2013 Oct. 17. Washington, DC. Living Legends acceptance American Academy of Nursing.

2013 Oct 16. Boston. Massachusetts General Hospital presentation – POST Doc Dr. Susan Lee

2013 Oct 10, 11. International Caritas Consortium –presenter and facilitator.

2013 Oct 8. Adventist Health, Hinsdale, Ill. Caring theory and practice.

2013 Oct 3. Orlando, Fla. Magnet Conference. Presentation: Economics of Caring.

2013 September 1–18. Spiritual pilgrimage: Kathmandu, Khandbari, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet.

2013 August 30. Brandman Univ. Irvine, CA. Keynote: Caring Sc –disciplinary foundation Nursing.

2013 August 22. Boulder, CO Seminar with Japanese Faculty and Students; Dr. & Mrs. Kawano, Tokyo.

2013 July 15 –18. San Francisco. Kaiser Permanante No. Ca Caritas Consortium –end notes each day.

2013 June 27, 28. Gundersen Lutheran, Wisconsin. Caring sc and Heart Sc. With Robert Browning HM.

2013 June 21. Umbria, Italy. Global Caring science–sacred science. CS. HeartSc.

2013 June 11, 12. Doha, Qatar. Caring Science: Research, practice, education.  2 day program. WCSI, HM and HHS.

2013 June 6-8. Amman, Jordan, Middle East Nursing  Uniting in Human Caring. 1st annual conf. Keynote: Caring Sc.

2013 June 1. Orlando, Fla. End Paper Miracle, Magic, Mystery. Intern’l Conf. Hu Caring.

2013 May 24. Vanguard Health, Worchester, MA All day program: Caring Sc Heart Sc.

2013 May 22. Boston MGH Karsch Distinguished Scholar. Keynote. Caring Science –sacred Science.

2013 May 15. HeartMath Conference.Ca. Caring Sc. Heart Sc.

2013 May 10 Denver Heath and Hospitals. Denver. Nurses Week keynote. Caring theory and professional practice.

2013 May 8. Emory Health. Atlanta, Ga. Caring science/theory and transforming systems.

2013 May 6. Atlanta, Veterans Hospital –Nurse’s week keynote. Caring Science as Sacred Science.

2013 April 23. Albuquerque, NM.  NM Nursing Center Excellence. All day program: Caring Science.

2013 April 17. Flagstaff, AZ. Navajo Nurses Council. Navajo Nursing and Caring Science.

2013 April 10. Boulder, Co WCSI workshop with Robert Browning. Caring Sc/Heart Sc.

2013 aApril 9. Colorado District Nurses presentation. Denver.

2013 April 2, 3. East Carolina University and Vidant Health Hospital, Greenville, NC. Caring science and theory guided practices.

2013 March 28. Einstein Health, Philadelphia. Caring theory guided practice.

2013 March 27. Clara Maass Medical Center. Keynote. Caring Sc – transforming self and system. New Jersey.

2013 March 15. Hawaii Nursing Association. All day program on Caring Science and Professional Practice. Ala Moana Hotel. Honolulu

2012. December 1. Universidad Catolica Andres Bello. National Conference. Caracas, Venezuela. Caring Science as sacred science. Invited Keynote.

2012. November 10. Invited keynote. Annual research Conference. Winter Haven Hospital. “Back to Basics” Returning to the heart of health care. Winter Haven, Florida.

2012. November 7, 8. Invited programs University of Florida, Shands Medical Center. Merging Caring Science and Integrative medicine. Transforming health care workshop conference. Gainsville, Fla.

2012. October 24-26. Invited International Keynote. XXIX Congreso Nacional de Femafee, Cuidad de Mexico. La Federacioin Mexicana de Asociacion de Facultades y Escuelas de Enfermerias AC y La Asociacion Estados de Mexico: hidalgo, Morelos, Puebla y Tlaxcala, A.C. Cuidad de Mexico/ Mexico City, Mexico.

2012. October 17-20. International Caritas Consortium. Coordinator/Speaker: AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center. Galloway, New Jersey. Caring Science/Heart Science and Environmental Healing Field.

2012. October 10. Invited speaker. ANCC National Magnet Conference. Caring Science and Theory: Authentic Transformation of Professional Practice from within. Los Angeles Convention Center. Los Angeles, CA

2012. October 8, 9. Invited keynote conference. Caring Science as Sacred Science. Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science. Los Angeles, CA.

2012. October, 4. Invited keynote: transforming nursing and health care. 4th Annual Evidence-based conference. Kettering Health Network. Kettering, Ohio.

2012. September 28. Invited keynote : Caring Across Cultures conference. Oklahoma City University. Oklahoma City, OK.

2012. September 20 -23. Oxford, England. Still Point-Turning World. Spirituality and Health Care. Global Retreat Center. Nuneham Courtney Oxfordshire, UK. Invited Participant and presenter – work in caring science and consciousness.

2012. September 17-18. Torino, Italy. Caring in Progress Conference Keynote; Caring Science – transforming practice.

2012. September. Rex Health, Raleigh NC. Invited keynot. Transforming nursing from inside out. Caring Science.

2012. August. District Nurses Durango, Colorado. Keynote to community on caring theory and practice.

2012. June. Regional Caritas Consortium sponsored by Kaiser Permanente Northern California. 4 day conference program leader/summary speaker San Ramon, CA: June 25, 26 ,27, 28, 2012.

2012. June 22. Keynote: 16th Annual Research and Evidence Based practice. ‘Caring Science as expanded paradigm for evidence’. New York University. Langone Medical Center. New York.

2012. June 18. Caring Science/Education/Curriculum/Research.Turkish University in Izmir, Turkey.

2012. June 15. Caring Science- Education and Practice. International Sigma Theta Tau conference. American University. Beirut, Lebanon.

2012. June 10. Workshop on Caring and Peace. Palestinian, Jewish, Christian Nurses. Jaffa, Israel. Peron Peace Foundation.

2012. June 5. Caring Science: The disciplinary foundation for Nursing: Caring to know and Knowing to Care. International Nursing Conference. Jerusalem, Israel.

2012. May 31. Keynote: Centering on Caring Science. International Conference on Human Caring. Philadelphia, PA.

2012 . May 13. Worskhop “Transforming Systems of Professional Care Delivery Forum”:Caring Science as model for change.. Federal Department of Nursing & Emirates Nursing Association. Dubai.

2012. May 12. Opening Keynote: Caring Science/Caring Theory. Closing the Gap: From Evidence to Action. International Nurses Day United Arab Emirates Nursing Conference. Abu Dhabi.

2012. May 8, 2012. Doha, Qatar. Keynote:Creating a Culturally competent Caring Model of Nursing. Gulf Corporate Countries Conference. UAE. Hamad Medical Corporation.

2012. April. International Human caring theory conference keynote.. Ud. Escoge Su Ponencia. Maracay Edo, Aragua, Venezuela. SA. (rescheduled for 2013).

2012. April. Kaiser Permanente. Denver. Keynote. Caring theory as Continuum model. Denver, Colorado.

2012. March. Red Cross Hiroshima College of Nursing. Keynote: Human Caring and Peace; International Hiroshima Caring and Peace Conference. Hiroshima, Japan.

2012. March. 1st Asian Pacific International Caritas Consortium. Hiroshima Red Cross College of Nursing. Hiroshima. Japan.

2012. March. Red Cross College of Nursing Tokyo. Keynote Caring Science/ Caring Theory. Tokyo, Japan.

2012. Feb. Caring Science/Heart Science. Stanford University Hospital. Palo Alto, Ca.

2011. November. Caring Science Curriculum workshop. Personal/Professional Faculty Development program. University of Hawaii Faculty. Queen Emma’s Summer Palace. Honolulu, HI.

2011. November. Caring Science as Disciplinary foundation of Nursing. Doctoral Seminar, University of Hawaii.

2011. November. Caring Science: Healing as foundation for leadership/transformation. All Day invited program. Associate of Nurse Executives National Conference of Hawaii. Honolulu, HI.

2011. November. Caring Science Seminar. Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand

2011. November. Caring Science Seminar/Keynote invited Scholar. University of Auckland, New Zealand.

2011. November. Open Public Address: Caring Science and Health Care Reform. Community Center, Auckland, NZ

2011. October. University of Santiago, Invited keynote. Santiago, Chile.

2011. October. Keynote National Nursing Congress. Chilean, Chile.

2011. Oct. 20. Keynote; Caring Science/Caring Theory and Psychiatric Nursing. American Psychiatric Nursing Conference. Anaheim, Ca.

2011. October 8. Keynote Award Ceremony: West Virginia Nursing Black tie Celebration. Charleston, W. Va.

2011. October 3. Keynote: St Peters College. Newark, New Jersey Conference. Caring Theory as guide to practice transformation.

2011. September, 26- 30. Keynote paper Caring science in Critical Care Nursing. And series of seminars for faculty and students on Caring Theory;. Universidad Javeriana in Bogota, Colombia, South America.

2011. September 23. Keynote: Caring Science Criteria: Reconsidering Evidence and outcomes of Caring. An Evidence-Based Practice ToolKit for Bedside Nurses. Kennesaw State University Center, Kennesaw, Ga.  Sponsored by: Emory Healthcare; St. Joseph’s Hospital of Atlanta; WEllStar Health System; Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta; Veterans Administration Medical Center, Atlanta; Kennesaw State University; KSU Wellstar School of Nursing; Emory University – Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing.

2011. September 21. Keynote: Restoring the heart and soul of nursing. CarolinaHealth conference. Concord, NC

2011. August 25. 26. Keynote Papers Caring Science. Education. Peru Nursing College National Conference. Lima, Peru.

2011. July 22. Caring Science: Caritas to Communitas and Peace. Plenary Keynote: IONS. Annual Conf. San Francisco, Ca.

2011. July 21. Workshop: Caring Science/Heart Science. International Noetic Science Institute Annual Conference.  San Francisco, CA.

2011. July 20. Keynote Caring Science and Heart Science. Stanford University. Palo Alto, CA.

2011. June 23. Launch of Caring Science program. Kaiser Permanente No. Ca Continuum Care. Walnut Creek, CA

2011. May 25, 26. Keynote celebration of Caring. : Holistic Caring-Healing Theory and Practice. Woodwinds Hospital. Minneapolis, MN

2011. May 26. Keynote. Caring Science and Leadership. University of MN Center for Spirituality and Healing.

2011. May 23. Keynote: Caring Sc. And Heart Sc. Aventist Health System . Betheseda , MD.

2011. May 20. Keynote: Caring Theory and Professional Practice. St. Peters’ University Hospital. New Brunswick, NJ

2011. May 13. Closing Keynote Caring Science transforming practice. No. Ca> Kaiser Permanente Caritas Consortium. San Francisco, Ca.

2011. April 27. Keynote Caring and Professional practice. Nebraska Medical Center. Omaha, Nebraska.

2011. April 26. Keynote. Caring Science and Professional Practice: Omaha VA Medical system.

2011. April21. Keynote. Caring Science as Practice model. National Kaiser Permanente Health System. Annual Leadership Conference.

2011. April 7. Keynote: Caring Science and Transforming practice. Albert Einstein Medical Center. Philadelphia, PA.

2011. April 6. Distinguished Lecturer, invited. Las Salle University. PhIladelphia.

2011. March 11. University of Kansas, Kansas City. Invited Distinguished Keynote. Caring Science.

2011 February 16. keynote Caring Science;. 21st Anniversary program. Cuidad, Obregon, Mexico. Esuela De Enfermeria Cd. Oregon. Sonora.

2011 January; keynote Canadian Student Nurses Association. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2010 November; keynote: International Barcelona congress; Barcelona, Spain (International Year of Nurse)

2010 November: Universitat Rovira;(University of Tarragona, Spain) keynote and recipient of Honorary Doctorate

2010 November: Bedfordshire Univ. Reaffirmation of Honorary Doctorate speech, United Kingdom

2010 November: Victoria University BC. Recipient of Honorary Doctorate; speech Convocation.

2010 November: Keynote: Caring science practices. Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, CA

2010 October: Keynote: caring theory – nursing. First National Indian Nurses Council. Houston, TX

2010 October: Keynote: Caring Science Theory & Practice. Academy of Medical Surgical Nursing. Las Vegas, NV.

2010 October: Plenary Session invited keynote: Caring Science: Transforming practice. Magnet Conference American Nurses Credentialing Center. Phoenix, AZ.

2010 October: Concurrent session: Economics of Caring presentation. (w Anthony Disser) Magnet Conference. ANCC; Phoenix, AZ

2010 September Poster: “CARITAS : A THEORY GUIDED SCALE TO MEASURE HUMAN CARING. State of Science Conference.Council Advancement of nursing science. Washington, DC

2010 September: Mercy Medical Center. Restoring the heart of nursing. Baltimore, MD

2010 September; Oakland University, keynote: A new vision for a new decade. Rochester, MI

2010 September: Keynote Caring Theory: education/practice. II International confress of Nurisng. Coorperative Univ of Colombia: Bucaramanga, Colombia, S.A.

2010 September: Munson Hospital keynote: Theory to practice. Traverse City, MI.

2010 July; Panama National Association of Panamanian Nurses;Conference on Florence Nightingale and Art Exhibit.Keynote: A blueprint for Nursing. National Museum of Anthropology.

2010 June; Torino, Italy congress on Caring Science. Keynote and Workshop.

2010 June; Univ. Bedfordshire, England. Presenter: Caring and reflective practice session. International Reflective Practice conference.

2010 June 7th; Asia Pacific Nursing congress. Invited Keynote Caring Science/HeartScience as N power for Healing.: Singapore Nurses Association. Singapore.

2010 May; Boston Medical Center: Caring theory: Caring Science. Boston, Massachusetts.

2010 May; Mayo Clinic Rochester, Minnesota. Transforming self and System. Caring Theory and practice.

2010 May; Cleveland Clinic Empathy and Innovation Conference. Panel member on Empathy; Open Session with Cleveland Clinic Nursing.

2010 May; Teleseminar. Institute of Noetic Sciences. Caring Science and current work.

2010 May; Salem Oregon Hospital. Keynote nurse’s week.

2010 May; Northern California. Caring Science/heart Science. Caring Theory and Caritas Heart methodology – translating into practice

2010 April; Northern California Kaiser Health. Keynote: Transforming Self and System. Oakland, Ca.

2010 January; Kindred Health Care System, Tucson, AZ. Caring Science/Caring Theory as guide to transforming health care.

2010 January Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center. Winston-Salem, NC. Keynote and Leadership conference on Human Caring.

2010, January Mahwah, New York Bon Secours System. Summit in Human Caring.

2009, Dec. Torino, Italy. Research seminar on Caring assessment measures. Health District, Torino, Italy.

2009, Nov. Bon Secours Summit in Human Caring. Richmond, VA. Caring theory and practice model.

2009, Nov. Research conference. Winter Haven Hospital, Fla. Caring Science/Heart Science: Theory and Practice. Winter Haven, Fla.

2009, Nov. Mayo Jacksonville, Fla. Overview of caring theory in practice. Jacksonville,Florida.

2009, October Keynote: Caring Science as ethical and scientific model for nursing education and practice 40th Anniversary International Scientific Conference. Medical University, Lublin, Poland..

2009, Sept. Barcelona, Spain. Keynote. Humanizing Care: Research based approaches. XX Aniversaria de EUI Santa Madrona De la Fundación “la Caixa’. Spain.

2009, August Keynote research conference. Peruvian Schools and Colleges Nursing. Universidad Privada San Juan Bautista Celebración de la Enfermeria Peruana: ‘Teoría del cuidado humano de Jean.Watson”. Lima, Perú.

2009, August Caring Science and Heart Science: A pilot model for transformation of nursing and healthcare. Kaiser Permanente Antioch, CA.

2009, July Caring Science and Healing Touch model. Healing Touch International Conference. Denver, Colorado.

2009, July Research paper: ‘Understanding caring: transforming bedside care through workforce development’. With Persky, GJ, Nelson, JW, Wright, D. & Watson, J International Council of Nursing. Durban, So.Africa..

2009, June Invited Keynote: Caring Science and Caritas heart-centered theory and ethic. International Reflective Practice Conference. University of Lemerick, Ireland.

2009, June Caring science and Science of the Heart as new professional practice model. Annual research conference. MacNeal Hospital, Berwyn, Ill.

2009, May Keynote: Caritas and heart-centered Caring-healing. University of Minn. Center for Spiritual and Healing. Ways of Knowing conference.

2009, May Caring Science seminars, keynotes. Mariana Universidad, Pasto, Colombia, South America.

2009, May Caring theory as professional practice model. Mary Washington Hospital. Frederickburg, VA.

2009, May The Essence of Nursing. Caring moments, Sacred space, Caring Science. Mountain Area Health Education Center. Ashville, N. C.

2009, May Caring Science.Heart Science. Professional practice model. Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, Winston Salem, N.C.

*2009. April Universal Language of Caring. International Caring Summit. New Orlean, LA. Sponsored by Association of Nurses working for our Patients.

*2009, April Caring Science: Heart Science.. Sigma Theta Tau International. Univ of Ct. Hartford, CT.

*2009. April Caring theory as guide to professional practice. Greenwich Hospital. Greenwich, CT.

*2009, March Nursing’s spiritual roots in contemporary practice. Panel: Mary Baker Eddy Library Conference. Boston, MA.

*2009, March CaritasHeartMath – Caring theory updates for transforming practice. Miami Baptist Hospital, Florida

*2009, March Caring Science/Caring Theory in practice: St. Joseph Hospital. Atlanta, Georgia.

*2009, March Caring Science: CaritasHeartMath: a model for transforming practitioners and practice. John C. Lincoln Hospital. Phoenix, AZ

*2009, March Caring theory as guide to education and practice. 66th Anniversary Conference. Universidad de Sonora, Mexico. Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.

*2009, Feb. Caring curriculum: Caring science as ethical and scientific guide. Faculty workshop.Universidad de Sonora, Bahia de Kino, Mexico.

*2009, Jan. Caring Science:CaritasHeartMath a model for transforming practice and practitioners. Bon Secours System, Richmond, VA

*2009, Jan. Caring Science and Heart Science:Caritas Nursing in practice: Chesapeake Hospital, Chesapeake, VA

2009, Jan. Listen to Your Heart. Caring Science and Caring Theory as practice model. University Medical Center, Las Vegas, Nevada.

2009, Jan. Caring Science and HeartScience/Caritas Nursing in practice. Kaiser system: Antioch, Ca; and Kaiser System, Walnut Creek, CA.

2009, Jan. Caring Science/Caritas and HeartMath/Science of the Heart. Educational seminar. Boulder, Colorado.

2008, Dec. Keynote and Panel on Caring Theory in practice. Tokyo Women’s University, Tokyo Medical Center Hospital. Tokyo, Japan.

2008, Dec. Invited International Keynote:Caring Science as ethical and scientific model for nursing education and practice. Fukuoka, Japan

2008, Dec. Caring Science and Caring Theory. Red Cross University Hiroshima College of Nursing. Hiroshima, Japan

2008, Dec. Caring theory/Caring Science. Hyogo University, Japan

2008, Nov. Caring curriculum. Universidad de Sonora, Sonora, Mexico.

2008, Nov. Caring Theory as guide to practice: Queens Medical Center, Dept of HHS, NYC.

2008, Nov. Seminars on Science and Art of Human Caring. in education and practice: Universidad Catolica: Santo Toribio De Mogrovejo, Escuela Enfermeria, Chiclayo, Peru

2008, Oct. Paradigms of 21st century and future of nursing; Transpersonal Caring and Nursing education. 60th Anniversary of Escola Superior de Enfermagem Sao Jose Cluny, Madeira, Portugal.

2008, Oct. Facilitator and presenter: International Caritas Consortium. Sponsored by Baptist Health Jacksonville, Florida. Held at Amelia Island, Florida.

2008, Sept. Caring theory: Nursing Theory Seminar with other nursing theorists (Newman, Roy, Rogers theories). Massachusetts General Hospital.Boston, Ma.

2008, Sept. Ethics paper: Boston Knowledge Development Conference. Boston, Ma.

2008, Sept. Keynote: Caring Science as practice model: Atlanta Veterans Hospital, Atlanta, Georgia

2008, August Teleseminar Nursing and Caring Science. Noetic Science Institute Seminar Series, National Teleprogram.

2008, August Keynote and consultation: Good Samaritan Hospital, Watertown, Upstate New York

2008, July Caring theory: Discovering theory in practice. Northern Navajo Medical Center, Navajo Reservation: Shiprock, New Mexico

2008, July Omincron Delta Culture and Caring Cruise: sponsored by University of Phoenix Caring Science: Caritas Nursing. ‘Watson on Water’ talk: Pride of America Cruise Hawaiian Islands

2008, July Seminar presentation: Theory of Human Caring and authentic caring relationships? St. Alphonsus Hospital.Boise, Idaho.

2008, June Keynote and workshops on Caring theory and Caring Curricululm. University of Barraquilla, Colombia, South America.

2008, June, Keynote. Caring as transformative model for nursing. Institute for Labor Management. Las Vegas, NV.

2008, June Keynote; Good Samaritan hospital. Dayton, Ohio.

2008, June Keynote. The healing power of gratitude. Health Ministry Association. Irvine, Ca.

2008, May. Keynote and consultation. Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

2008, May Keynote. Caring theory and Caring Science. Shanghai International Nursing Research Conference. Shanghai, China.

2008, May. Keynote Caring Science; Simpson University conference. Redding, Ca.

2008, May. Keynote: Caring theory as guide to transforming practice. AtlantiCare Health.

2008, May. Keynote. Caring theory and practice. Tri-StateHealth Alliance. Tennessee.

2008,April Panel leader: Economics and caring. International Association in Human Caring. Univ of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

2008,April. Facilitator – Leader of International Caritas Consortium and Watson Caring Science Institute gathering. Scottsdale Health, Scottsdale, AZ.

2008, April. Dahlberg Scholar. Viterbo University and Gunderson Lutheran Health. Wisconsin.

2008. April. Keynote conference. Caring Science and theory. University of South Carolina, Upstate. Speaker at Sigma ThetaTau International induction.

2008 March. Keynote: Caring Theory as guide to practice. MacNeal Hospital. Berwyn, Ill.

2008 March. Dialogue on Caring with scholars. Florida Atlantic Univ. Boca Raton, Florida.

2008 March Keynote: Caring theory as guide to transforming practice. John L. Lincoln Hospital, Phoenix, AZ

2008 March Workshop and keynote: Caring Curriculum Grand Canyon University, Phoenix. AZ

2008 Jan Keynote: Caritas Nursing and Critical Care. Eliza Fernie Critical Care Nursing Symposium, The Childrens Hospital Aurora, Co.

2007 Dec. Keynote: Caritas-Communitas as theory for practice: Hebrew life Center, Boston, Mass.

2007 Nov. Lecture tour: Northern Italy: Universities: Univesita Bicocca, Monza; Unitersita Statale, San Luigi & Cuneo; Unversita Statale Torino; Univesrita Cattolica of Torino; Unversita faculty of Medicine, Piacenza; Universita Novara;

Keynote International Congress: “Caring: the hearth/heart of nursing” Universita Torino, Almese, Italy

2007, Nov. AONE conference, Scottsdale, AZ: Transforming caring at the Bedside: RW Johnson funded project. Keynote: “Caring theory as guide to transforming care at bedside”

2007, Oct. University of Minnesota: International Center for Nursing Leadership conference: Summit of Sages: Invited keynote: “Social justice and Caring”

2007, Oct. Bon Secours hospital system, Richmond, Virginia: Facilitator of International Caritas Consortium.

2007, Oct. Nevada Organization of Nurse Leaders.; Lake Tahoe, Nevada: Keynote: ‘Caring Philosophy and Theory as passion and purpose for transforming nursing”

2007, Oct. International Transplant Nursing Society conference: Keynote: The Wait the Wonder the Watch. Theory of Human Caring and its relevance for the Human Experience of Having a Transplant

2007 June University of Tarragona, Spain. Convocation speaker for 1st graduating class of Graduate Nursing.

2007 June Invited keynote. University of Lisbon, Portugal. University Conference; Doctoral student seminar: Postmodern nursing science.

2007 June University of Terceira, Azores. Doctoral student seminar and workshop for faculty.

2007 June Bethesda, MD. Invited Keynote. Pediatric Trends. Children’s Hospital, Washington, DC.

2007 June Delivered 3rd Annual Distinguished Mary Jane Seivwright Nursing Research Lecture. University of West Indies.19th Annual Mary J. Seivwright Day and 18th Annual research conference. Kingston, Jamaica.

2007 June University of Barcelona, Spain. PhD students seminar. Postmodern nursing science.

2007 May La Jolla. Scripps Healthcare, CA. Facilitation of International Caritas Consortium gathering, sponsored by Scripps.

2007 May St. Louis, Mo. International Association of Human Caring conference. Opening Keynote panel member: Knowledge development of nursing.

2007 May Phoenix. Promise of Nursing. Johnson & Johnson celebration luncheon Keynote. Biltmore Hotel, Phoenix.

2007 May Scottsdale Health, Arizona. Distinguished Visiting Nurse Scholar. Keynote: “Restoring the heart of nursing through ‘theory-guided-practice”.

2007 May University of Phoenix, Tucson Campus. Caring Theory and Caring curriculum.

2007 April Barcelona, Spain. Santa Madrona Adscrita a las Universitat de Barcelona; “90th Aniversaria Conferencie: “La Humanitzacio de la Cura”.

2007 April Toronto, Canada. York University, lecture series. And keynote paper: International Healing Touch Conference

2006 Nov.-Dec. Invited International Conference Keynote: Personal Camino Pilgrimage as Caritas action in the world. University of Chihuahua, Mexico

2006 Nov. American Academy of Nursing. Panel presentation: Theory-guided Practice Expert Panel program. Miami, Florida

2006 Nov. Baton Rouge General Medical Center keynote: caring theory as guide to practice;

Keynote: Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center, Baton Rouge, LA.

2006 October Navajoland Nurses United for Research,Service,and Education 1st Annual Conference: “Navajoland Nursing: Sacred Space and Caring Sciences Keynote:

Caritas nursing: Caring Science as Sacred Science: Returning to the heart of nursing

2006 Sept. Alverno College , Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 75th anniversary keynote; Taking time for caring-

theory practices

2006 Sept Caring Summit, Upper State New York. Invited keynote: caring theory and practice models.

2006 Aug. Bangkok, Thailand. Invited keynote conference speaker for several papers: Caring as a path of educational and nursing development. . International Caring conference. Bangkok.

2006 June Invited keynote: Caring Science – A model for transforming nursing. Annual Watson Conference. University of Windsor, Canada.

2006 June Invited closing address: The future of nursing. Challenged to stand and mature within its own paradigm. World Congress Leadership Summit. Senior healthcare and nurse executives. Chicago, ILL.

2006 June Invited Keynote: Spiritual Pilgrimage as Caritas Action in the world. International Association of Human Caring Conference. Perth, Western Australia.

2006 May Invited paper: “Visionary Nursing Leadership: Toward Transformative Models of Caring-Healing. VHA National Leadership conference. St. Louis, MO.

2006 May Facilitator: Inter/national Caritas Consortium gathering. Inova Health System. Fairfax, Virginia

2006 May Invited Keynote: Caring Science model: philosophical and ethical foundation for nursing’s future. Ist Congress International of Scientific Association of the Arab Nursing Faculties and 25th Anniversary Congress of St. Joseph University, Beirut, Lebanon.

2006 May Caring theory and nursing practice. CentraState Medical Center, Freehold, NJ.

2006 April Caring theory as professional practice model.  Catholic University, Washington, DC and Holy Cross Hospital.

2006 April Keynote: Caring Curriculum. Santa Barbara College, CA.

2006 April Invited paper. Caring theory in practice. Queens Medical Center, NYC.

2006 May Conference Keynote on Caring theory in practice. Miami Kendall Regional Med. Cent

2006 April Catholic University. Washington, DC.Student forums & open seminars.

2006 April Invited keynote. Caring theory administrative-clinical practices. Central Baptist hospital, Caring conference. Lexington, Ky.

2006 April Invited keynote conference. Caring theory as practice model. Baptist Hospital East , Louisville, KY.

2006 March Invited Keynote; London Network for Nurses and Midwives. National Health Service conference. QE II Conference Center. London. “Authentic Human Caring: Administrative-clinical measurement issues”.

2005 Dec. Invited keynote: Caring theory as model for education and practice. London, Ontario, Canada.

2005 Dec. Workshop: Mountain Nurses Association. Caring theory as guide to advanced nursing practice. Vail, Colorado.

2005 Dec. Keynote: Caring theory as guide to transforming practice. Vail Valley Medical Center/Mountain Nursing Association. Vail, Colorado.

2005 Nov. Panel Respondent (to Dr. Roxie Foster): Theory –Guided practice Symposium. Watson’s Theory of Human Caring. American Academy of Nursing Conference. Scottsdale, Arizona.

2005 Nov. Keynote: Research Conference. Restoring the heart of nursing. Winter-Haven Hospital. Winter Haven, Florida.

2005 Oct. Invited Keynote: Caring theory as model for education and clinical practice. Bogota, Colombia, South America. IX International Nursing Care Seminar & 85th Birthday. Sponsored by Universidad Nacional de Colombia School of Nursing.

2005 Oct. Aalborg, Denmark.Conference. Invited Keynote: Making/taking time and space for caring theory in practice. At Pas Tiden –Forpas Den Ikke. Perspektiver pa tid I sygeplejen. Aalborg Kongres of Kulturcenter

2005 Sept. St. Joseph Hospital Regional Health Center. Paterson, NJ. Keynote to nursing and hospital staff: Caring theory-guided practice: toward magnet recognition.

2005 Sept. Keynote: Caring theory as model for transforming nursing practice. Queens Medical Center NYC.

2005 Aug. Keynote: Caring Theory as practice model: magnet initiatives. St. Joseph Hospital. Orange, Ca.

2005 June Invited Keynote: Caring theory as ethical guide to disaster. International Conference.Bali, Indonesia. WHO Sponsored University of Indonesia.

2005 June Invited Keynote: International Reflective Practice Conference. Reykjavik, Iceland. Collaboration to contemplation to Caritas: Creating collaborative field.

2005 June Invited Keynote: . American Holistic Nursing Association Conference. King of Prussia, PA. Love and Caring: the ethics of face and hands.

2005 June Closing Address: International Association of Human Caring Conference. Lake Tahoe, CA.

2005 June Seminar with Anthony Disser. 27th Annual Conference, International Association for Human Caring. Continuing the dialogue: Promoting harmony in caring-healing environments by balancing economic costs, management and technological systems demands with informed leadership to assure professional practices of compassionate human caring.

2005 April Paper presentation with Anthony Disser. AONE. Chicago.

2005 April Keynote/Workshop: Miami Baptist Hospital nursing administrators/managers; patient care facilitators. Caring-Healing Theory in Practice.

2005 Feb. Keynote: Caring as heart of nursing practice. Univ.of California, Irvine.  Medical Center Hospital.

2005 Feb. Invited seminar on Caring Theory as practice model. North Hawaii Community Hospital, Waimea, Hawaii.

2005 Feb. Invited public address: Caritas and Communitas. Keauhou Beach Resort. Sponsored by Kohala Center, Hawaii.

2005-Jan. Miami Baptist Hospital Adminstrative-leadership keynote for Caring theory-guided practice.

2005-Jan. Windsor University, Canada, invited keynote: Returning to heart of nursing: Caring.

2004-Dec. Invited keynote and workshops  National Taiwan University and Chang Gung university, Taipei, Taiwan

2004-Nov. Invited conferences/academic keynotes : Caring and Administrative practices. Erlangen, Germany; Caring science as model for psychiatric-mental health nursing. Numberg, Germany; Caring theory and practice models. Institut fur Beziehungsmarketing und Individualokonomie, Munich, Germany; Caring theory as guide to transformative leadership,  Akademie fur Gesundheits –und Pflegeberufe, Dresden, Germany.

2004-June Keynote: Caritas-Communitas. International Caring Conference, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

2004-June Keynote on Caring Theory in Practice. Middlesex Hospital, Middlesex, CT.

2004-May Keynote: Caring Theory as Guide to Practice. Resurrection Health Care System, Chicago, IL.

2004-May Keynote: Caritas Language for Nursing. V Simposium Internacional de Diagnosticos en Enfermeria (International Nursing Diagnosis Conference). Valencia, Spain.

2004-Apr. First Scripps Visiting Scholar. Scripps Institute/Hospital, La Jolla, CA.

2004-Apr. Invited Visiting Scholar. University of Florida Center for Spirituality and Health. Schools of Medicine and Nursing.

2004-Mar. Invited Keynote: Caring theory as heart and soul of nursing. Conference sponsored by Central Baptist Hospital Systems, Lexington, KY.

2004 Jan. Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Keynote: Caring practice models: Bayshore Healthcare System National Conference

2003 Dec. Japan; Red Cross University, Tokyo: Keynote on caring theory; Tsu, Mie, Japan: Keynote “Caritas and Communitas”, Japanese Academy of Nursing Science, Nagoya, Japan. Aichi Medical University, Keynote paper on caring theory.

2003 Dec. Victoria University-Wellington, New Zealand. Keynote: 10th anniversary of Graduate School in Nursing and Midwifery.

2003 Nov. Rio de Janiero, Brazil: Keynote: Nursing and ethics in a contemporary world, 11th Congreso Panamericano de profesionales de enfermeria; presentations to three universities in Brazil.

2003 Nov. Keynote: Winter Haven Hospital Eleventh Annual Nursing Reserach seminar: “Translating human caring into patient outcomes”.

2003 Oct. Chihuahua, Mexico: Keynote paper: Universidad Autonoma de Chihuahua conference on Science of Caring for education, practice and research.

2003 Oct. Sigma Theta Tau International Keynote: Caring Science and transpersonal caring theory.Seminars for students at East Tennessee State Univ. Johnson City, Tennessee.

2003 Oct. Hershey, Pa. keynote: Pennsylvania Nightingale Awards Gala.

2003 Sept. Keynote address on Caring Theory and Caring Science, University of Montreal School of Nursing, Montreal, Canada

2003 June Keynote Closing: International Caring Conference, Boulder, CO. “Coming full circle of caring”

2003 June Commencement Address: Med Central College of Nursing. Cleveland, Ohio

2003 June Opening Address: Mindful Inquiry, 9th Annual International Reflective Practice Conference. Cambridge, England.

2003 Invited Keynote: Human Caring & the Caring Model at Elmhurst Hospital Center. Flushing, New York

2003 Workshop,: Becoming the healer you were meant to be: Integrating a nursing-medical caring model, 28th Nurse Practitioner Symposium, Keystone, Colorado.

2003 Invited Keynote: 1. Human Caring Theory; 2. Meta Nursing. 3rd International Meeting 10th Anniversary of the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center. Athens, Greece

2003 Invited Keynote: Caring Passage to the Heart. Holding Others in our hands. International Healing Touch Practitioner Conference. Colorado Springs, Colorado

2002 Fall Invited Keynote. Theory of Human Caring Conference. Inova Health System. Fairfax, Va.

2002 Fall Invited Keynote: Caring theory and Caring Science Arrhus University, Arrhus, Denmark

2002 Invited Keynote Address: Caring Science: Educ. & practice. Univ. of Oslo, Norway.

2002 Fall Invited Keynote: Nursing in the human caring paradigm. Clinical Nursing Research Unit,Aalborg Hospital, Aalborg, Denmark

2002 Invited keynote: Caring-Theory-Guided Practice for a New Era. Miami Baptist Hospital and Nursing Community, Miami, FL

Invited Keynote: Caring model for nursing’s future. International Conference: Perth, Western Australia. Hosted by Notre Dame Univ.& Curtin Univ. and collaborating hospitals.

Invited Keynote: Caring Science as Research model for Women’s Health. Univ. of Hawaii Schools of Medicine and Nursing

2002 Invited Keynote: Human Caring Theory and Practice. Cork University, Cork, Ireland.

2002 Oct Invited keynote: Caring in the 21st Century. Inaugural address: Dean’s Distinguished Leaders in Nursing Lecture Series. Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC

2002 August Keynote and Course Lecture: Health, Healing, & Holism: Philosophical Foundations. University of Nevada-Reno, School of Nursing/School of Medicine College of Extended Studies, Reno, NV

2002 June Presenter: Ethics of Face and Contemporary Views of Caring Theory. International Reflective Practice Conference. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2002 June Workshop: Inspiriting Caring: Cultivating a Living Culture of Caring for Self and Others. National School Based Health Care Conference. Denver, CO

2002 May Invited Keynote: Model of Caring. Nurses’ Week. NYU Division of Nursing, New York, NY and The Valley Hospital and Monmouth Hospital, Newark, NJ

2002 April Invited keynote; Health Professional as Ontological Artist for Caring and Healing. Annual Conference Society for the Arts in Health Care. University of Florida, Shands Medical Center, Florida.

2002 April Presenter: Facing our Humanity: Caring and the Ethics of Face. President’s Fund for the Humanities International Seminar Series: Lessons of Humanity Learned from Nursing, Across Time and Cultures: Japan, Vietnam, Korea and Beyond. University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. Denver, CO

2002 April Formal Paper Presentation: A Career in Caring Science: Reflected in Publications Between 1979-2002. UCHSC Denison Library Speaker Series. Denver, CO

2002 Feb Invited Keynote: Caring and Nursing’s Future. Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society Induction, Xi Phi Chapter, Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences. University of Colorado, School of Nursing. Colorado Springs, CO

2001 Oct Invited Keynote: Caring as Model for Health Care Reform. Planetree National Conference. Estes Park, CO

2001 Oct Invited Keynote: Caring as Model for Education and Practice. Augustana College. SD

2001 Sept Invited Keynote: Reconnecting with Spirit: Caring and Healing our Living and Dying. International Parish Nursing Assoc. Westberg Symposium Paper. Chicago, IL. (Delivered via phone, due to Sept. 11th incident.)

2001 Sept Invited Keynote: Change: Getting to the Heart of Change: Suffering and Impermanence. International Philosophy of Nursing Conference. Leeds University, UK

2001 Sept Keynote & Lectures: Caring Science and Nursing Science; Caring Theory and Postmodern Nursing. The Nursing Education School of the Capital City of Copenhagen. Copenhagen, Denmark.

2001 Aug Invited Keynote: Holistic Nursing and Caring. 4th International Nursing Research Conference. Japan Academy of Nursing Science. Mie Prefecture, Japan

2001 Aug Panel Member: A Holistic Approach: A Better Quality of Life for All – In Search of Core Principles in the 21st Century. 4th International Nursing Research Conference. Japan Academy of Nursing Science. Mie Prefecture, Japan

2001 June Presenter – 2 Scientific Sessions: 1) Caring Science and Rogerian Science Converge; 2) Human Caring: Theory and Practice Scenarios (w/ Jayne Felgen & Vicki Gillmore); and Moderator – Research Session. International Council of Nursing. Copenhagen

2001 June Keynote: Metaphysical of Virtual Caring Community. International Association of Human Caring Conference. Univ. of Stirling, Scotland

2001 May Keynote: Postmodern Nursing; and Workshops: Caring Healing Practices in Education and Practice. Bildungswerk Des Verbandes Der Bayerischen Bezirke. Kloster Irsee, Bavaria, Germany

2001 May Keynote: Bring It Home: Living Human Caring Theory and Philosophy for One’s work and World. Nursing Week 2001, Kingston General Hospital. Kingston, Ontario, Canada

2001 April Keynote: Creating a Culture of Caring. Creative HealthCare Management Conference. Minneapolis, MN

2001 April Keynote: State of the Art: Caring Science. University of Connecticut and Sigma Theta Tau Research Conference. Hartford, CT

2001 April Keynote: Caring and Spirituality. Second Annual Spirituality Conference, Virginia Commonwealth University. Richmond, VA

2001 April Keynote: Caring Science; and invited Visiting Scholar. Virginia Commonwealth University. Richmond, VA

2001 April Keynote: Caring Model for New Era. Silver Jubilee Celebration School of Nursing and Iota Nu Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau ceremony. University of Texas. Tyler, TX

2001 April Keynote: Caring Theory; and State of Caring Science. International Congress on Human Caring and Health. University of Carabobo. Valencia, Venezuela, South America

2000 Nov Keynote: Caring and Healing Practices for the Future. Annual Conference: Australian Holistic Nursing Academy. Lorne, Australia

2000 Nov Academic Workshop/Graduate Seminar: Postmodern Nursing. Victoria Univ. of Wellington, New Zealand

2000 Nov Clinical Workshop: Mindfulness and Caring Practices in Hospital Nursing. Deakin Univ./Epworth Hospital, Melbourne, Australia

2000 Nov Keynote: Personal Professional Story: Relationship-Centered Caring, & Formal Ceremony as Recipient of Norman Cousins Award: Fetzer Institute Annual Gathering: Relationship-Centered Care Conference: Scottsdale, AZ

2000 Oct Keynote: Caring Science. Mass General Institute of Nursing Seminar. Boston, MA

2000 Oct Keynote: Revisioning Science of Unitary Human Beings and Caring Science (with Dr. Marlaine Smith). Boston Knowledge Development Conference. Boston, MA

2000 Oct Keynote: RE-visioning Nursing and Caring Science. Nursing Dept. 30th Anniversary: Salem State College, Salem, MA

2000 Oct Keynote: Caring and Healing Our Living and Dying. Honorary Event Rita Mack Memorial New Hampshire: Cheshire Medical Center Foundation: Darmouth/Hitcock/Keene.

2000 Oct Keynote: Postmodern Nursing and Caring. 13th Annual Conference: Hong Kong College of Nursing, Hong Kong, China

2000 Oct Keynote: Ethics of Caring and Interdisciplinary/Trans-disciplinary Directions. University community, Univ. of Hong Kong, China

2000 Sept Guest Speaker: Models of Caring in Practice. Independence Foundation Annual Meeting Nursing Centers, Philadelphia, PA

2000 Sept Keynote: Relationship Centered Caring. Western Michigan University-Community Event, Kalamazoo, MI

2000 Sept Keynote: What is Caring Science. International Nursing Philosophy Conference – University of Wales, Swansea

2000 Sept Keynote: Postmodern Nursing and Caring Practices. University of Brighton, England

2000 July Keynote: Caring and Neonatal Nursing. New Zealand Neonatal Nursing Conference. Wellington, New Zealand

2000 July Keynote: Transpersonal Caring Theory and Practice. Professional Nursing Community Commemorative Occasion. Japanese Red Cross Hiroshima College of Nursing. Hiroshima, Japan

2000 July Commemorative address for Japanese Red Cross Hiroshima College of Nursing Formal Inauguration Ceremony. Hiroshima, Japan

2000 June Workshop on Virtual Caring Communities (with JoEllen Koerner). American Holistic Nursing Association Conference. NM

2000 June Keynote: Nursing: Keeping the Caring in Health Care. American Nurses Foundation Luncheon. ANA Convention, Indianapolis, IN

2000 May Keynote: Considering Reflective Practice. International Reflective Practice Conference. Duke University, NC

2000 May Guest Speaker: Conversations on Caring. Nursing Staff at St. Charles Medical Center, Bend, OR

2000 Apr Keynote Presentation, Baycrest Gerontology Center, York University

2000 Apr Keynote Presentation, Lambda Chi Chapter, Sigma Theta Tau Annual Conference, Barry University, Miami, FL

2000 Apr Guest Theorist, Mary T. Boynton Distinguished Lecture, University of Tennessee-Knoxville, Knoxville, TN

2000 Jan Keynote: Postmodern Nursing: Nursing for a New Era. Wesley Medical Center, University of Wichita, Wichita, KS.

1999 Dec Speaker and Seminar: Watson’s Caring Theory: Theoretical Nursing Knowledge Into the 21st Century Seminar, Community Medical Center, St. Barnabas Health Care System, Toms River, NJ

1999 Dec Keynote: Caring and Healing in the Next Century. University of Vermont Nightingale Institute for Health and the Environment, Essex, VT

1999 Nov Keynote: Caring Science: Nursing’s Light Into The Future. Winter Haven Hospital 8th Annual Nursing Research Seminar, Winter Haven, FL

1999 Nov Keynote: Relationship-Centered Caring. New York Harbor Healthcare System Dept. of Veterans Affairs 2nd Annual Symposium on Patient Centered Care. New York, NY

1999 Oct Keynote: The Art and Science of Caring. West Virginia Nurses Association Annual Convention, Lewisburg, WV

1999 Oct Endowed Speaker, The Joan MacKenzie Forum: Observations and Reflections on Patient-Clinician Relationships. Falmouth Massachusetts Hospital and the Women’s Health Resource Center, Falmouth, MA

1999 Sept Presenter, Postmodern Nursing, University Seminar Program, City University, London, England

1999 Sept Keynote: Postmodern Nursing: The Emergence of Caring-Healing Pflegetheoriem. 2nd International Conference on Nursing Theory, Nurenberg, Germany

1999 June Presenter-Panel Member: Claiming Nursing’s Future Through-Post-Revision of Florence Nightingale. International Conference on Nursing, Royal College of Nursing

1999 June All Day Moderator-Closing Session Speaker: Recovering Caring Potential. Reflective Practice Conference, Cambridge University, England, United Kingdom

1999 June Interdisciplinary panel: Caring, Loving and Dying. Mind-Body Conference, Georgetown University, Washington, DC

1999 June Keynote: A Metareflection on Nursing’s Present. AHNA 19th Annual Conference: Scottsdale, AZ

1999 June Presenter-Panel Member: Caring at the End of Life. Center for Mind-Body Medicine’s Comprehensive Cancer Care II: Integrating Complementary and Alternative Therapies Conference, Arlington, VA

1999 May Keynote: Relationship Centered Caring. Brigham & Women’s Hospital Annual Nursing Event, Boston, MA

1999 May Keynote: A Caring Affair Nursing Gala. Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC

1999 April Presenter, International Association for Human Caring, 21st International Conference, University of Texas Health Science Center School of Nursing, San Antonio, TX

1999 April Keynote: Caring Science/Nursing Science and New Questions Regarding International Nursing Scholarship. Sigma Theta Tau Iota Iota Chapter Installation Ceremonies, Brigham Young University/Westminster College, Salt Lake City, UT

1998 Dec Fetzer Institute Workshop: Models, Mysteries, and Meditations on Relationship-Centered Caring as the Grounds of Personal and Professional Healing. National Gathering Relationship-Centered Caring. (Fetzer Institute & University of Florida College of Medicine). Amelia Island, FL

1998 Nov Distinguished Scholar Keynote: Global Nursing Scholarship and Caring Science. New York University Awards Ceremony. New York, NY

1998 Nov Keynote: Lighting a Path to the New Millennium. Winter Haven Hospital 7th Annual Nursing Research Seminar. Winter Haven, FL

1998 Oct Keynote: Nursing in the Next Millennium. Distinguished Nurse Lectureship. Lycoming College and Susquehanna Health System. Williamsport, PA

1998 Sept Keynote: Spirituality and Caring. International Conference: Spirituality and Nursing. Charlotte Mason College. University College of St. Martin. The Lake District. England

1998 Sept The Core of Humanistic Caring and a Series of Seminars on Philosophy, Science, and Theory of Caring in Nursing Practice and Education. Helsinki Institute of Nursing and National Conference. Helsinki, Finland

1998 Sept Keynote: Caring Science for the New Millennium. Institutionen for vardlararutbildning vid Goteborgs Universitet, National Conference. Sweden

1998 June Keynote: Private Psalms: Personal-professional Reflections. 4th International Reflective Practice Conference, Cambridge University. England

1998 May Lecture tour of 4 hospitals in Bavaria, Germany and international conference keynote: Caring and the 21st Century. Bildungswerk des Verbandes der Bayerischen Bezike. Irsee, Bavaria, Germany

1998 April Speaker & Workshop: A Day with Jean Watson: A Caring-healing Perspective to Integrate Complementary-alternative Therapies. University of Wisconsin. Green Bay, WI

1998 April Keynote: Postmodern Nursing in the Next Century. Pacific Lutheran University & Sigma Theta Tau International Psi Chapter-at-large. Tacoma, WA

1998 Jan Invited seminars on caring and postmodern nursing. University of Hawaii at Manoa, School of Nursing, Honolulu, HI

1998 Jan Keynote: Model of Caring and Healing in Practice. Queen’s Medical Center. Lokamakai Project. Honolulu, HI

1998 Jan Keynote: New Models of Caring and Healing. North Hawaii Community Hospital. Big Island, HI

1997 April Keynote: Nursing for the 21st Century. Sigma Theta Tau Research Day, Caring in the 21st Century, Radford University. Radford, VA

1997 April Keynote: Advanced Caring-Healing Practices and Delivery System Changes for the Next Millennium. 1st International Conference on Advances in the Delivery of Care, City University. London, England

1997 Mar Invited Speaker. Balancing Biomedical Technology and Caring. 22nd Annual Conference of the American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing. Seattle, WA

1997 Feb Invited Speaker. Perspectives and Experiences with Teaching Spirituality in the Nursing Setting. Spirituality in Health Care conference, University of New Mexico School of Medicine. Albuquerque, NM

1996 Nov Keynote: Sustaining Caring in a Managed Environment. Winter Haven Research Conference. Winter Haven, FL

1996 Nov Keynote: Caring Nursing Research Methods and Implementation. Englewood Hospital and Medical Center’s Nursing Research Day. Englewood, NJ

1996 Oct Keynote: Advances in Caring Science; Caring in the 21st Century. Department of Advanced Nursing Education, Goteborg, University. Molndal, Sweden

1996 Sept Keynote: Caring: As Genotype for Nursing and Genetics. International Society of Nurses in Genetics, 9th Annual Education Conference. San Francisco, CA

1996 Sept Keynote: The Philosophy of Caring and Practice for the 21st Century. New Mexico Nurses Association, 1996 Convention and Annual Meeting. Tucumcari, NM

1996 Sept Keynote: Emergency Nurses: An Occasion for Caring and Healing. Emergency Nurses Association Scientific Assembly. Honolulu, HI

1996 Sept Keynote: Healing: A Strategy for Health: A Model of Caring & Healing for the Next Millennium. Manitoba Association of Registered Nurses. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

1996 Sept Keynote and Workshop: University of Adelaide. Adelaide, Australia

1996 Sept Keynote: Nursing in the Interdisciplinary Marketplace. Nursing in the Interdisciplinary Marketplace: Implementation Agenda for Education and Practice. Wisconsin League for Nursing

1996 July Keynote: A Meta-Reflection on Reflective Caring Practice. Transforming Nursing Through Reflective Practice, University of Luton. London, England

1996 July Keynote: Human Caring: Theory at the Mid Range. The 11th Annual Summer Research Conference, Wayne State University. Detroit, MI

1996 June Keynote: Ask a Nurse About the Future of Nursing. Annual General Meeting and Biennial Convention. Halifax, Nova Scotia

1996 May Paper Presented: Re-considering Nightingale for the Next Century. International Nursing Congress. Frankfurt, Germany

1996 May Keynote: Nightingale’s Metaparadigm for 21st Century. Covenant Medical Center, Nurses Day Celebration. Urbana, IL

1996 April Panel Moderator: The Art of Nursing: The Role of Aesthetics in Healing. Western Institute of Nursing, 10th Annual Assembly. Denver, CO

1996 April Keynote: Payson Endowed Lecture, Maine Medical Center. Portland, ME

1996 April Keynote: Mercy Medical Center. Portland, ME

1996 April Invited Speaker: Connecting Technology to a Caring Environment. National Student Nurses’ Association, 44th Annual Convention. New Orleans, LA

1996 March Keynote and Workshop: Ethics of Caring. UCLA Medical Center. Los Angeles, CA

1996 March Paper Presented: Alternative Medicine: A Nursing Perspective. Harvard Medical School Program. Boston, MA

1996 Jan Keynote: The Artistry of Aging and Caring: Transforming Practice. Geriatric Care: The Quality of Life, West Florida Regional Medical Center, FL

1995 Papers Presented: Three papers on caring and healing. International Student Program, University of Edinburgh, Helene Fuld Study Program

1995 Nov Keynote: Passing on the Light of Caring. 4th Annual Nursing Research Seminar. Winter Haven Hospital. Winter Haven, FL

1995 Keynote: American Pacific Nursing Leadership Council. Pohnpei, Micronesia, South Pacific

1995 Nov Keynote: Transforming Clinical Practice from Within. 7th Annual Clinical Conference, Mercy Health Services. Chicago, IL

1995 Oct First Endowed Convocation Speaker: University of North Dakota College of Nursing. Grand Forks, ND

1995 Oct Keynote: The Art of Caring Amid Complexity. 75th Anniversary Ordre desinfirmieres/et in firmiers du Quebec Convention. Montreal, Quebec, Canada

1995 Sept Keynote: The Ethics of Collaboration and Caring Praxis. Conference Nursing Ethics in the 90’s, University of Toronto. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

1995 Sept Conference sponsored by St. Michael’s Hospital. Toronto, Canada

1995 Sept Keynote: Caring Based Practice. St. Joseph’s Hospital. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

1995 Sept Presentation: Holistic Approach to Healing. Tri-County Health Department. Aurora, CO

1995 Sept Keynote: The Art of Caring and Aging. National Gerontological Nursing Association. Washington, DC

1995 Sept Presentation: Nursing in the Future. University of Goteborg, Dept. of Advanced Nursing. Sweden

1995 Sept Presentation: Caring Theory as Guide to Practice. Ostra Hospital Nursing and Medical Staff. Goteborg, Sweden

1995 Keynote: From Curriculum Revolution to Renaissance in Nursing Education and Practice Models. Virginia League for Nursing Annual Meeting. Richmond, VA

1995 Keynote: Health Care Reform: Recreating Nightingale for Nursing’s Future. South Carolina League for Nursing Annual Meeting. Colombia, NC

1995 Keynote: Perspectives on Caring. Isobel MacLeod Conference, Montreal General Hospital, Division of Nursing. Montreal, Quebec Canada

1995 Seminar on Caring. Institute de Readaptation de Montreal. Montreal, Quebec Canada

1995 Keynote: Recreating Nightingale for the Next Century. Harriet Cook Carter Lectureship, Duke University, School of Nursing

1995 Keynote: 21st Century Model of Caring-Healing “Re-creating Nightingale” for the next Century. The 4th Annual Regional Nursing Conference, “A Morning with Jean Watson”. Ashland, KY

1994 Keynote: Update on Caring Theory and U.S. Nursing. University of Kuwait. Kuwait

1994 Keynote: Two papers at International Conference on Caring Practices of Nurses, Oxford University. England

1994 Presentation: History of N.D. programs. N.D. National Conference, University of Colorado. Denver, CO

1994 Keynote: Florida Winter Haven Hospital Based Research Conference. Winter Haven, FL

1994 Invited Speaker: Challenging Research Assumptions. NIH Conference, Office of Alternative Medicine, National Institute of Health. Washington, DC

1994 Keynote: Conference on Caring, Mt. Carmel College. Columbus, OH

1994 Presentation: Human Science and Human Caring Inquiry Paradigms and Problems. Examining Research in Alternative Medical Systems Conference, National Institute of Health Office of Alternative Medicine. Bethesda, MD

1994 Keynote and Panel Member: Colorado League for Nursing and CNA. Denver, CO

1994 Keynote: 100-Year Anniversary and Research Conference, St. Bartholomew College of Nursing. London, England

1994 Keynote: South Dakota Nursing Associates; Invited Speaker: Augustana College. Sioux Falls, SD

1994 Keynote and Respondent: Three-day Research Conference on Caring Theory Research and Clinical Inquiry. Lisbon, Portugal

1994 Keynote: Academic Ethics and Caring Conference, Wayne State University. Detroit, MI

1994 Keynote: Caring in World of Technology. American Association of Operating Room Nurses Convention. New Orleans, LA

1994 Keynote: Human Caring Touch in Space. 4th National Conference on Nursing and Space Life Sciences, The University of Alabama in Huntsville. Huntsville, AL

1994 Keynote: Distinguished Nurse Scholar, University of Detroit, Mercy Medical Systems. Detroit, MI

1994 Presentation: Ethics of Caring and Public Policy. Victoria University, New Zealand

1993 Fourth Spero Lecturer: Caring Amidst Health Care Reform. 1993-94 Spero Lectureship Series – College of Nursing and Health. Cincinnati, OH

1993 Invited Speaker: Caring in Advanced Practice: Ethical Challenges, Knowledge Development, Innovative Strategies. Royal Ottawa Hospital. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

1993 Keynote: Post Modern Nursing: Advance Nursing Practice and Health Care Reform. The Hugh P. Davis Lectureship, Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing. Emory University, Atlanta, GA

1993 Keynote: New Directions in Nursing Education. 1st Annual Jimmy Crockett Lectureship, College of Health & Professional Studies, Department of Nursing, Georgia Southern University. Statesboro, GA

1993 Keynote: Concerning the Spirituality in Caring. National Conference, The Scottish Highlands Centre for Human Caring, Highland and Western Isles College of Nursing and Midwifery. Inverness, Scotland

1993 Keynote: Caring: The Essence of Nursing. Excellence in Nursing Forum, Bryan Memorial Hospital. Lincoln, NE

1993 Panel Moderator: Caring as Healing: Renewal Through Hope. International Caring Research Conference. Portland, OR

1993 Invited Speaker: University of Nevada Commencement Address, University of Nevada. Reno, NV

1993 Invited Speaker: Poetical Truth in Nursing Inquiry. University of Alberta Institute for Philosophical Nursing Research Conference. Banff, Canada

1993 Invited Speaker and Consultant: Evaluation: Critical Reflections for Nursing Education. University of Victoria. Victoria, BC

1993 Keynote and Visiting Scholar: New York University Sigma Theta Tau. New York, NY

1993 Keynote: The Caring Dimension of Nursing. National Student Nurses’ Association Annual Convention. Kansas City, MO

1993 Keynote: Transformative Leading by Caring. University of Kansas School of Nursing Nurse Scholar Symposium. Kansas City, MO

1993 Keynote: Caring Cosmology. Florida Atlantic University Expressions of Caring in Nursing Conference. Boca Raton, FL

1993 Keynote: Model of Caring. Association of Operating Room Nurses. Breckenridge, CO

1992 Plenary Speaker (with Katie Eriksson, Finland): Human Caring: A Global Agenda. International Association of Human Caring Conference. Melbourne, Australia

1992 Keynote: Redefining Nursing. Canadian National Conference on Nursing Education, University of Calgary, Continuing Education. Conference Leader: Creating Preferred Future for the School/ Profession. Calgary, Ontario, Canada

1992 Keynote: Promoting Caring: Using the Arts and Humanities in Nursing Education and Practice. Glasgow Polytechnic. Glasgow, Scotland

1992 Keynote: Faculty & Curriculum Development. University of Victoria. Victoria, BC

1992 Keynote: Caring. St. John’s College. Springfield, IL

1992 Keynote: Transpersonal and Transcultural Human Caring. Augsburg College. Minneapolis, MN

1992 Keynote: University of New Mexico College of Nursing, Conference Invited Speaker and Alumni Dinner. Albuquerque, NM

1992 Invited Speaker: New Dimensions of Human Caring and Healing. Gamma Iota Chapter, Sigma Theta Tau and University of North Carolina College of Nursing. Charlotte, NC

1992 Invited Speaker: Sigma Theta Tau Induction, University of North Carolina College of Nursing. Charlotte, NC

1992 Keynote: A Model of Caring for Chronically Ill. University of Galveston Medical Humanities Program. Galveston, TX

1992 Keynote: Watson’s Theory in Practice. University of Toronto Faculty of Nursing and Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care. Toronto, Canada

1992 Keynote: Affiliation in Caring, Scholarship. Scottish Highlands Centre for Human Caring, International Affiliate of the Center for Human Caring. Inverness, Scotland

1992 Paper Presented: Postmodern Nursing. American Academy of Nursing. St. Louis, MO

1992 Keynote: Philosophy of Caring in Nursing. University of Alberta Faculty of Nursing and Edmonton and Red Deer Collaborative Nursing Program. Edmonton, Alberta

1991 Keynote: Caring as Context for Health. 15th Anniversary, New Rochelle College of Nursing. New York, NY

1991 Keynote: Ethics of Caring. American Association of Arthritis Health Professionals. Boston, MA

1991 Keynote: On Caring. Nordiac International Caring Conference: Carites and Passio, Abo Akademi, Vasa, Finland (May)

1991 Numerous lectures, seminars, and keynotes throughout Swedish and Danish Universities and Nursing Programs (Spring)

1990-91 Numerous presentations at Australian universities in Adelaide and Melbourne, Australia

1990 Plenary Speaker: Dreamtime and Sharing the Tears: Myth, Mystery and Metaphor of Transpersonal Caring in Three Worlds of Australia. 4th National Nursing Education Conference, Myth, Mystery and Metaphor. Melbourne, Australia

1989 Keynote: Caring. 9th Annual Nursing Research Symposium, Lewis Clark State College, Division of Nursing. Lewiston, ID

1989 Invited Speaker: Humanitarian – Human Caring Paradigm for Nursing Education. International Congress of Nurses, 19th Quadrennial Congress. Seoul, Korea

1989 Invited Speaker: Coming of Age for a New Age (w/ Em Bevis). International Congress of Nurses, 19th Quadrennial Congress. Seoul, Korea

1989 Challenge Speaker: Future Directions for Substantive Knowledge. 1989 National Doctoral Forum in Nursing. Indianapolis, IN

1989 Keynote: Caring in Health Care. American Cancer Society. Minneapolis, MN

1989 Keynote: Caring as a Core Value in Health Policy. American Academy of Nursing Annual National Meeting. Denver, CO

1989 Keynote: Theory of Caring. Nurse Scholar Symposium, Qualitative Research Methods in the Paradigm of Nursing, University of Kansas, School of Nursing. Kansas City, KS

1989 Invited Speaker: Humanistic Care Approach in Nursing Education. Brigham Young University, College of Nursing. Provo, UT

1989 Keynote: New Dimensions of Human Caring Theory. First International Academic Seminar of Nursing Science, sponsored by the Japan Academy of Nursing Science. Tokyo, Japan

1989 Keynote: Promoting the Concepts of Human Caring, Health and Healing. Faculty Development Conference, Knowledge and Practices, Del Mar College. Corpus Christi, TX

1989 Keynote: Curriculum Revolution. National League for Nursing, 6th National Conference on Nursing Education. Philadelphia, PA

1989 Keynote: Human Caring; A Public Agenda. Knowledge About Care and Caring: State of the Art and Future Developments, Wingspread Invitational Conference, co-sponsored by AAN and Sigma Theta Tau International. Racine, WI

1988 Panel Member: Ethical Issues in the Care of the Elderly. Gerontology 1988: Care of the Elderly for Physicians and Nurses. Kauai, HI

1988 Invited Speaker: Breakthrough into Caring. Nursing Breakthrough: Care Strategies for the Nineties, Collaborative Symposium, University of Texas, School of Nursing. Houston, TX

1988 Invited Speaker: New Dimensions of Caring: A Transcendent View of Person. American Holistic Nurses Association, 8th Annual Meeting. Estes Park, CO

1988 Invited Speaker: One Model or Many Models? Nursing Theory Congress 1988, Ryerson School of Nursing, Toronto. Ontario, Canada

1988 President’s Invited Speaker: Excellence in Undergraduate Education. Southern Illinois University. Edwardsville, IL

1988 Keynote: New Directions for Caring in Nursing. Group Health Co-op Nursing Assembly. Seattle, WA

1988 Invited Speaker: New Dimensions of Human Caring. Research Colloquium, UCHSC School of Nursing. Denver, CO

1987 Invited Speaker: Nursing in the 21st Century – Implications for Education and Practice. Endowed Lectureship Series, Rose Medical Center. Denver, CO

1987 Invited Speaker: A Case Study: Curriculum in Transition. National League for Nursing 4th National Conference on Nursing Education. Philadelphia, PA

1987 Keynote: Academic and Clinical Collaboration: Advancing the Art and Science of Human Caring. WIN Western Society for Research in Nursing Conference. Tempe, AZ

1987 Commencement Address: Akron University. Akron, OH

1987 Presentation: Nursing on the Caring Edge: Metaphorical Vignettes. Sigma Theta Tau Research Conference, The Caring Edge: Clinical Models of Research. Denver, CO

1987 Invited Speaker: The Balance Between Objectivity and Caring. Ethics Conference: The Value of Many Voices. Denver, CO

1987 Theory of Caring. The 5th National Post-Master’s Nursing Conference, Clemson University. Atlanta, GA

1987 The Ethics of Caring. Ethical – Legal Issues in Caring for Children, The Children’s Hospital. Denver, CO

1987 Watson’s Theory of Human Caring. Nurse Theorist Conference. Pittsburgh, PA

1987 Nursing: The Art and Science of Human Caring. Nursing: Bridging Humanity and Technology Symposium, Inauguration Panel for Dean Ryan, University of Rochester. Rochester, NY

1987 Invited Speaker: Clare Dennison Memorial Lecture. University of Rochester; Inauguration Ceremonies for Dean Ryan. Rochester, NY

1987 Invited Speaker: The Balance Between Objectivity and Caring. Colorado Health Association 62nd Annual Meeting, Healthcaring. Vail, CO

1987 Invited Speaker: Nursing in the 21st Century – Implications for Education and Practice. The Sara Lee Pollock Memorial Fund for Nursing Education. Denver, CO

1986 Invited Speaker: The Future of Caring in Nursing. Nursing Honor Society, University of Texas. Tyler, TX

1986 Featured Speaker and Co-Sponsor: New Directions and New Challenges for Study and Practice of Caring. 8th National Caring Conference. Menlo Park, CA

1986 Invited Speaker: The Dream Curriculum. National League for Nursing Third National Conference on Nursing Education. New Orleans, LA

1986 Presentation: Phenomenology in Nursing Research, Qualitative Methodology. Sigma Theta Tau Research Conference. Denver, CO

1985 Invited Speaker: The N.D. in Nursing. Colorado Society of Nurse Executives, National Meeting. Denver, CO

1985 Presentation: Suffering and Human Caring – A Reflective Model for Health Science. Humanities and Human Caring Conference, Perspectives on Suffering, sponsored by Graduate Committee, Arts and Humanities, CU-Boulder, and UCHSC School of Nursing. Denver, CO

1985 Presentation: Theory and Knowledge Development for Year 2000. Seminar, American Academy of Nursing Conference. San Diego, CA

1985 Invited Speaker: Commencement Address. Western Australian Institute of Technology (Curtin University), Division of Health Sciences, Graduation, Perth Concert Hall. Perth, Western Australia

1985 Invited Speaker: Nursing Accountability – To Whom and for What? International Conference, Royal College of Nursing, Freemartle Hospital. Perth, Western Australia

1985 Invited Speaker: The Ethics of Caring in Nursing. International Council of Law and Ethics, International Council of Nursing Conference. Tel Aviv, Israel

1985 Phenomenological Research in Nursing. Wayne State University, National Research Conference. Detroit, MI

1985 Invited Speaker: The Future of Nursing. Nurses Association of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (NAACOG) Meeting. Denver, CO

1985 Keynote: Qualitative Methodology – Views from an Expert. International Sigma Theta Tau Research Conference, University of Akron. Akron, OH

1984 Invited Speaker: Expanding the Use of the Whole Person in Nursing Practice and Research. State Convention of Colorado Student Nurses’ Association. Denver, CO

1984 Invited Speaker: Human Caring in Nursing: A Woman’s Perspective. Women’s Network, UCHSC. Denver, CO

1984 Presentation: Dreamtime and Sharing the Tears, Loss Grieving, and Nurse Caring of Wongi Aborigines in Western Australia. 7th National Caring Conference, LaSalle College. Philadelphia, PA

1984 Keynote: An Attribute of Excellence in Nursing: CARING. 6th Annual Invited Speakers Day, Slippery Rock University. Slippery Rock, PA

1984 Invited Speaker and Panel Member: The Quality of Life -What is it? Colorado Epilepsy Association. Denver, CO

1984 Keynote: A Vision of Nursing – Tarot Reading of Future. Colorado Nurses’ Association. Vail, CO

1984 Invited Speaker: Collaborative Model of Nursing. Chautauqua at Vail National Conference. Vail, CO

1983 Keynote: Considering New Methodologies in Study of Human Caring in Nursing. 6th National Caring Conference, University of Texas. Tyler, TX

1983 Invited Speaker: Phenomenological Research. 8th Annual Congress of Oncology Nursing Society, Research Committee Instructional Session. San Diego, CA

1983 Paper Presented: Loss-Grieving and the Human Experience Related to Nurse Caring Process. ANA Research Conference, New Knowledge for Nursing Practice. Denver, CO

1983 Commencement Address: Bellarmine College. Louisville, KY

1982 Paper Presented: Loss Grieving in Society. International Conference on Care of Dying in Australia and Third World, University of Western Australia. Perth, Western Australia

1982 Invited Speaker: A Hospice Home Care Program. Australian Broadcasting Corporation National radio broadcast. Perth, Western Australia

1982 Paper Presented: Understanding Loss and Grief. International Conference on “Care of Dying in Australia and Third World,” University of Western Australia. Perth, Western Australia

1982 Invited Speaker: Viewpoints on Care of Dying. Medical and nursing staff at Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital. Perth, Western Australia

1982 Invited Speaker: Ethical Conflicts in Nursing. C.E. Nursing Seminar, sponsored by Royal Australian Nursing Federation. Perth, Western Australia

1982 Paper Presented: What Constitutes a Ph.D. in Nursing? Health science seminar, sponsored by Kellogg Centre for Advanced Studies in Health Sciences, Division of Health Sciences. Perth, Western Australia

1982 Paper Presented: Interdisciplinary Health Care Education and Delivery of Care: U.S. Perspective. Australian and New Zealand Society for Epidemiology and Research in Community Health and Australian Public Health Association, University of Western Australia. Perth, Western Australia

1982 Invited Speaker: Loss and Grief, Support for Dying Community Group. Shenton Park. Perth, Western Australia

1982 Invited Speaker: Expanding Role of Nurse and Psychosocial Needs of Patients. Bethesda Hospital nursing staff. Perth, Western Australia

1982 Keynote: Loss, Change and Coping. American Women’s Club of Australia, Cottesloe Civic Centre. Cottesloe, Western Australia

1982 Invited Speaker: Interdisciplinary Psychiatric Team and Changing Role of Nurse. Mental Health Services – Psychiatric Hospital. Perth, Western Australia

1982 Keynote: Suicide (Workshop) and Mental Health Concerns of Nurses. Mental Health Nursing Congress of Western Australia and Royal Australia Nursing (R.A.N.F.) King’s Park. Perth, Western Australia

1982 Invited Speaker: Loss and Grief. Ladies’ and Men’s Club, Trinity Church, Anglican. Perth, Western Australia

1982 Seminar: Changing Perspective of Hospice Care. National Organization of Australian Hospices. Western Australia

1982 Invited Speaker: Medical-Health Team and Therapeutic Community. Occupational Therapy Staff, Shenton Park. Perth, Western Australia

1982 Invited Speaker: Staff Stress and Grief. Critical Care Nurses Association (R.A.N.F.). Western Australia

1982 Kellogg Nursing Fellowship for Australian Nurses, University of Colorado (a participating U.S. university). Nursing Community – open talk. Royal Australian Nursing Federation. Denver, CO

1982 Presentation: Changing Directions in Nursing Theory, Science, and Research. Nursing Faculty Workshop, National Taiwan University. Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.

1982 Keynote: Nursing – A Model of Caring. Nursing community and faculty at National Taiwan University. Sponsored by National Science Council. Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.

1982 Invited Speaker: Primary Health Care – New Directions in Nursing. Nursing faculty, students and other faculty at Prince of Songkla University. Haad-Yai, Songkla, Thailand

1982 Invited Speaker: Psychosocial Nursing and Graduate Education. Presented to nursing faculty, Women’s University College of Nursing. Bombay, India

1982 Invited Speaker: Changing Directions in Nursing Education in U.S. Presented to nursing faculty, Women’s University, College of Nursing. Bombay, India

1982 Paper Presented: Caring – The Essence of Nursing. Medical and nursing staff, Tatra Memorial Hospital (Peace in Absence of Pain, Ashran Foundation). Bombay, India

1982 Invited Speaker: Caring – The Foundation for Nursing Curriculum. Presented to nursing faculty, students, humanities faculty, nurses, and hospital administrators, Bellarmine College. Louisville, KY

  • All invited or referred