Applying the Art & Science of Human Caring (Download)

Published: 1994

Applying the Art & Science of Human Caring offers a timeless framework for implementing a successful caring-healing theory and philosophy. It includes chapters from nursing scholars and experts involved in projects at the renowned Center for Human Caring at the University of Colorado, founded by Jean Watson, Dean at the time.

The Center for Human Caring emerged as a creative renaissance for international academic and clinical projects and programs in caring science and human caring. It attracted nurses from around the world to witness what is possible in a nurse run interdisciplinary clinic based on theory and practice of human caring.

This small jewel of a book, edited by Jean Watson, has chapters by notable nurse scholars as Dr. Marlaine Smith, now Dean of Nursing, Florida Atlantic University and Dr. Janet Quinn, known for her Spiritual Healing scholarship.

Lastly it is a valuable source of information about the Denver Nursing Project in Human Caring, which was a magnet for visitors from around the world as an exemplar of what is possible when a clinical practice is based upon human caring art and science.

This book was lost and was recently rediscovered. It is now being reintroduced to be available for a new generation of students, practitioners and scholars of academic and clinical nursing’s evolution.

This is a downloadable book.

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