Caring: a Passage to Heart

An Anthology of Caritas Processes® Experienced

Foreword by: Jean Watson & Marie Clayton

Contributing Authors: Brooke Herrud, Jaylynn Garinger, Elaine Wright, Kelly Gidwani, Marie Hart Clayton, Dionel Venigas, Megan Schachinger, Zahra Almosawi, James Dixon III, Ciera Wall, Marian Turkel, Sara Horton-Deutsch, Judith Tipton, Melissa McElfish, Sharyl Eve Toscano, Angela O. Preddy, Karen White-Trevino, Elin Høyvik, Holly Clanton, Joycelyn Cudjoe, Macy Powers, Kelli Stangel, Carole Bergin, Mary Tolliver, Cindy Andrejasich, Raymond Leone, Zachary Wotherspoon, Irene Flores, Margaret Stewart, Pat McClendon, Donna Thomas, Natalie Hardee, Joy Shepard, Nina Reyes, Anna Biley, Irenious P. Suglo, Suzanna Joy Bell, Maureen Holt, Carole Bergin, Janet Thomas, Melody Blomquist, Candy Stern Hamacher, June Souaya, Susan McClanahan, A. Lynne Wagner, Cindy Cannizzaro, Kelli Stangel, Joy Shepard, Emily Barr, Lorre Laws, Mary Pepin.

October 2020, Lotus Library

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