Getting Real About Caring

by Pat McClendon, RN, MSN, DNP

What I Discovered About Authentic Caring as a Nurse Leader and One Step Forward

Connecting nurse leaders and nurses around purpose and caring literacy in everyday work settings

About this book:

  • Tells a rare and personal story capturing the unique realities and core purpose of being a nurse leader
  • Part memoir, part guide
  • Offers caring engagement conversations—an authentic, nurse – centered leadership approach
  • Describes how to make caring engagement conversations a visible practice through caring literacy

What others say:

“This work of the author’s journey to conscious leadership … serves as a down to earth focus and direction, relevant and welcome in the daily lifework world of nursing and nurses.” ~ Jean Watson

From nurse leaders:

  • “This could have been written about me and my career.”
  • “I couldn’t put this book down. It was just what I needed – inspiring and helpful.”
  • “A must read for every nurse leader.”
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