Spirituality & Caring Science – Webinar (Download)

September 11, 2013

We are constantly in a state of Being and Becoming, a dynamic process and journey that is informed and inspired by a desire to see Beauty, feel Joy and hold Happiness in our Hearts. Through these states of consciousness we awaken to our abiding Connection to Source, and to the magic and mystery of universal Spirit, as we so define it for ourselves.

On this particular day, we hold in sacred esteem those who lost their lives as a result of the terrorist activities on 9/11, and join hearts with people all over the world who have been forever changed in its aftermath. It is our human experience that binds us together, our strength and frailty, our hopes and disappointments, our courage and fear. This presentation will celebrate our spiritual interconnectedness and clear a path for nurturing the spirit authentically and compassionately.

Presenter: Gayle Casterline, PhD, RN, CNE – WCSI Faculty Associate

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