Unitary Caring Science: Philosophy and Praxis of Nursing


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University Press of Colorado – 2018/19. This book is for doctoral and graduate students. It develops the foundation of scientific disciplinary principles such as axiology, ethics, ontology, epistemology, methodology, praxis in context of evolving worldview cosmology of One of Belonging to Infinity – quantum universe.

For students interested in the evolution of the discipline and location of caring in the meta-paradigm, this work traces the discourse of the meta-paradigm. It traces core nursing literature, which excludes ‘caring’ in the meta-paradigm, to convergence of discourse to Caring being included to latest turn toward ‘Unitary Caring Science’ as a maturing of the discipline, addressing nursing’s phenomena of wholeness, caring consciousness, energy, relational ontology and evolution of human consciousness.

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Jean Watson, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN

Published: July 2018

Unitary Caring Science: The Philosophy and Praxis of Nursing takes a profound look at conscious, intentional, reverential caring-healing as sacred practice/praxis and as a necessary turn for survival. Jean Watson posits Unitary Caring Science for the evolved Caritas-conscious practitioner and scholar. A detailed historical discussion of the evolution from Caring Science toward Unitary Caring Science reflects the maturing of the discipline, locating the nursing phenomena of wholeness within the unitary field paradigm. An exploration of praxis as informed moral practice results in an expanded development of the ten Caritas processes, resulting in a comprehensive value-guide to critical Caritas literacy and ontological Caritas praxis.

Watson writes for the Caritas Conscious Nurse™ or the Caritas Conscious Scholar/Practitioner/Educator on the journey toward the deeper caring-healing dimensions of life. Unitary Caring Science offers a personal-professional path of authenticity, bringing universals of Love, Energy, Spirit, Infinity of Purpose, and Meaning back into nurses lives and their life’s work. Unitary Caring Science serves as a continuing, evolving message to the next generation of nurse scholars and healing-health practitioners committed to a praxis informed by mature disciplinary consciousness.