WCSI Summer Scholars Program

WCS Summer Scholars ProgramThe WCSI Summer Scholars Program — This program welcomes and integrates seasoned Watson Caring Science Scholars with Postdoctoral students for rich focus in Unitary Caring Science with Dr. Watson.

Postgraduates are invited to join Dr. Watson and her current Postdoctoral Watson Scholars for an Intensive ‘Caring Science’ Seminar.

This new postgraduate option will be open for postmaster students/colleagues/practitioners of nursing and related fields, who wish more depth knowledge and translation of Caring Science in their personal/professional life/work/world.

Deadline — May 20, 2019
Now accepting applications for Summer Scholars program for July 1-4, 2019, Boulderado Hotel – Boulder, Colorado.

Requirements for Acceptance

  • a one-page biosketch along with a brief paragraph to Dr. Watson requesting permission to attend, with background and rationale for participation.

  • Please email to Jean Watson (jean@watsoncaringscience.org) by May 20th for July 2019 program.
    • July 1-4, 2019

    Application fee

    Please submit a $50 non-refundable application fee to begin the process.


    The Summer Scholars Program will be held onsite in Boulder, Colorado; it serves as an interactive, enlightened, integrative focal point. It is designed as an intimate, quiet, contemplative time out/time in, to reflect on personal sacred life purpose scholarly goals, depth of caring science writings in authentic circle dialogue. The study combines meditative practices with ‘inspired wisdom teachings’ of Dr. Watson.


    • Broaden your awareness and understanding of Caring Science as Sacred Science Paradigm: Ethic, Ontology & Epistemology and Methodologies, Praxis, and Policies of Caring Science as Sacred Science.
      • Engage in dynamic, reflective philosophical and theoretical dialogue on Caring Science with your colleagues and Dr. Watson toward completion of personal goals.


      $800 (modest increases expected over time)

      Submit Payment


      Due by July 1, 2019.

      *Late Fee: a fee of $75 will be charged for every month the tuition payment is received after the 15th of the month due.

      For more information contact Dr. Watson jean@watsoncaringscience.org.