Dr. Erica D. Hooper, DNP, RN, PHN, CNS, CNL

Adjunct Faculty
University of San Francisco
School of Nursing and Health Professions
HeartMath® Certified Trainer
WCSI Caritas Coach®
Caritas Leader® Faculty Guide
KP CCEP Program Director
 Caritas Colleague

Erica Hooper has a personal mission in life to be of service for the healing and transformation of others for the greatest good of all. Erica has been a Registered Nurse since 2002 working in the areas of geriatrics, pediatrics, primary care, public health, adolescent health, international health, leadership, program and project development, innovation, research, and education. She has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and Doctorate of Nursing Practice in Health Care Systems Leadership from the University of San Francisco (USF). She also has a Master of Science in Nursing in Advanced Community Health and International Nursing with a minor in Education from the University of California San Francisco. Erica is currently working as a Regional Program Director of the Caritas Coach Education Program® (CCEP) for the Kaiser Permanente Northern California Caring Science Academy. Erica has been teaching nursing at the University of San Francisco (USF) since 2005 where she currently teaches a wellness course grounded in Caring Science to provide undergraduate health professions students with the knowledge, understanding, and practice of self-compassion and caring as the foundation for holistically caring for others.

Like many nurses Erica was called to the nursing profession to care for people. Naturally, her nursing journey led her to become a Caritas Coach® in 2019 where she was finally gifted with the language that spoke to the way she truly desired to practice. Becoming a Caritas Coach helped her undo much of what she was taught so she could step into being, causing her to become more authentic, vulnerable, compassionate, and loving. She now serves to spread Caring Science to others so as many as possible may benefit both personally and professionally.

Erica has a special passion for promoting the health and wellness of vulnerable populations. She has expertise working with juvenile justice system-involved youth for 10+ years with extensive experience using the healing arts to provide the youth with alternative outlets to healing. Her love for holistic healing is also evident as she is a certified HeartMath trainer, massage practitioner, reiki master, life and spiritual coach, vinyasa yoga teacher, healing circle facilitator, and certified personal trainer. She began Heart Luminations to reflect her mission of igniting one heart at a time. Erica uses the power of the heart to intuitively guide people toward their own truth, growth, and healing. She is dedicated to help prevent nursing burnout and support nurses to nurse themselves. She also enjoys writing and is a published author. Her greatest joy is her three children who consistently teach her that the greatest gift you can give anyone is your presence.