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October 21 | Agenda & Theme

TOPIC: EFT Tapping

Presented by: Miriam Ismail, Professional Development & Self-Improvement Coach, Founder, Precious Time LLC

Background:Miriam Ismail is a Professional Development & Self Improvement Coach whose mission is to help people become the BEST versions of themselves. She’s a TEDx Speaker (Her speech was titled, The Secret Ingredient to Happiness), an Entrepreneur, a Published Author, an Instructor and has created and developed many courses, workshops and tutorials in professional development and wellness.

Academically, she has a BS in Computer Science, a Master’s in Finance and studied 3 years of the PhD Program in Finance. She was a Finance College Professor and worked in Fortune 500 investment firms in the Finance Industry.

After many years in the Finance Industry, Miriam realized that her passion is not just the financial well-being of her clients but rather the well-being of their mind, body and soul and that’s when she ventured into the world of Energy Healing and Coaching.

She got Certified in "Leadership Strategies Coaching" from Harvard and became a Certified Practitioner in Meditation, Reiki Energy Healer/Master, Hypnotherapy, Self-Hypnosis, EFT/TFT Tapping, Naturopathy, Crystal Healing, Time Management, Emotional Intelligence, Enneagram and Ikigai Philosophy.

She has been teaching Professional Development & Wellness Workshops for many years. Her topics are in Time Management, Emotional Intelligence, Personality Assessment, Enneagram, Meditation, Self-Hypnosis and much more. These workshops are packed with valuable information and exercises that leave a very positive effect on its attendees motivating and inspiring them.

She presents her workshops and courses to a wide range of audiences; Universities, Colleges, Corporations, Local Community Centers, Yoga Studios, Moms Groups and Schools. She has been featured as a speaker/guest in many podcasts, internet TV and magazines. Her passionate mission is to spread peace, light & evolution and her work has touched many lives.

When she is not teaching, presenting or creating workshops, she enjoys connecting with her family, with nature and the Source/Universe.She loves traveling, exercising, yoga, meditating and hiking.She is constantly seeking to learn new topics that help promote wellness and evolution and loves charity work with children. She always strives to make a difference in their lives no matter how little.

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Free. Available to all. Every 3rd Saturday of the month. One hour.

~ 8am Pacific
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2023 Dates
  • Oct 21, 2023
  • Nov 18, 2023
  • Dec 16, 2023

Facilitated for WCSI by:

Carole Bergin, Retired RN, CHTP/I, Catechist of the Good Shepherd. Co-teach Healing Touch Classes for nurses, provide Healing Touch sessions for cancer survivors, teach Children's Liturgy, act as a hospital Eucharistic Minister, and visit a local retirement community for prayer circle.

Marcy B. Newman, DACM, MSN, RN. MPH:
Caritas Coach®, former adjunct faculty for Pacific College of Health and Science, former employee Whole Health Program Manager, Certified iRest® Yoga Nidra teacher. Teaches/facilitates iRest Yoga Nidra, guided imagery, compassion centering, body scan, various breathing exercises and loving kindness meditation.

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To create a sacred and safe space for the Caring Science community to share healing modalities (i.e. Caritas moments, healing poems, meditation, yoga, music, etc.), and connect with one another.

  • Hold a monthly 1 hour zoom session with a set structure
  • Allow for 10-15 minutes of open sharing at the end
  • Have a group of moderators to organize and facilitate each session (rotate)
  • Assign 1 moderator per session/set a schedule for 6 months
Structure of Each Session
  • Opening reflection, calling us to the space in stillness and presence (by moderator/facilitator)
  • Offer space for a maximum of 3 healing, sharing moments of 5-10 minutes each
  • Open sharing time around 10-15 minutes
  • Closing (5 minutes)
  • Caritas Healing Connection sessions are not an alternative for professional therapy or training.
  • We celebrate each other but this is not a space to showcase professional achievements.
Participation Request

To put your name forward to offer either a modality/reading or to facilitate please contact us

Thank you!

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