WCSI Regional Caritas Consortia™


WCSI Regional Caritas Consortia™ (WCSI-RCC) are local grass-roots forums, that emerged from the Watson Caring Science Institute’s International Caritas Consortium (ICC), to increase opportunities to explore the philosophy, ethic, and practices of Caring Science in their local areas.

Each group requires a Caritas Coach®, Caritas Leader® or a Watson Caring Science Postdoctoral/Sr. Scholar as member of the region's committee.

Watson Caring Science Institute endorses Regional Caritas Consortia to help nurses and nursing and other health care providers unite and expand shared values, philosophies, theories, practice and commitments to advance human caring, healing, health and peace for our world.

WCSI-RCC Charter

Watson Caring Science Institute’s overall aims are to:

  • network and unite practitioners, leaders, administrators, educators, scholars, researchers of Caring Science scholarship
  • disseminate grass roots local, national, and global programs and human caring initiatives from around the world
  • provide a forum for local and global nursing and health/healing professionals to expand and disseminate knowledge and practices of human caring, healing and peace in service to humanity, through informed moral action
  • expand the reach of WCSI Communitas, deepen and expand connections, and provide support and access to resources

More information

For further information please contact Dianne Reid.

WCSI Regional Caritas Consortia™

Nursing’s [and other health profession’s] social, moral, professional, and scientific contributions to human kind and society lie in its commitment to sustain and advance human caring values, knowledge, practices, and ideals in theory, practice, education, and research…” (Watson, J. (2012). Human Caring Science: A Theory of Nursing, Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett Learning.)Dr. Jean Watson