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"In this era in human history, what is happening demands an expanded, and dramatically different, unitary worldview. New evidentiary models are needed that align traditional empirical data with indicators of human caring and healing health. That’s where Watson’s Caring Science can be of benefit."

Jean Watson Ph.D., RN, AHN-BC, FAAN, LL (AAN) Founder /Director Watson Caring Science Institute

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Watson’s Caring Science is a living theory, ever evolving as nursing practice evolves.


Hello and welcome to Watson Caring Science Institute’s (WCSI) Affiliation program. First and foremost, we are here to support nurses, and our first responsibility is to uphold and uplift the profession. We do this because nurses are critically important to the health and healing of all people, including the nurses themselves, and the profession. The discipline of nursing deserves well designed, and well executed support. We also do this because, as Jean Watson says, “nursing is the paradigm exemplar of caring, the most mature healing practice in the world.”

WCSI has developed a distinctive, organizational model based on Dr. Jean Watson’s Caring Science (also known as Unitary Caring Science). Dr. Watson and WCSI Faculty experts, researchers and scholars have worked with nurses and other health care leaders all over the world to develop these indicators for our Affiliation program that embraces humanistic values. These indicators serve as a foundation for leaders and organizations to ‘live-out’ and showcase the act of caring in an authentic and meaningful way.

The aim of being an Affiliate with Watson’s Caring Science is that it will lead to a meaningful organizational cultural transformation. WCSI current Affiliates have shared examples of how their adoption of Watson’s Caring Science as their professional practice model can:

  • improve patient quality care outcomes
  • improve staff care
  • create authentic healing environments
  • reduce staff turnover
  • support Magnet designation/exemplars
  • ESG — aligns with Environmental, Social and Governance sustainability

The current healthcare model is awakening to the value of incorporating inner healing, emotional and mental health. This evolving view for humankind returns us to the heart of our humanity; it invites and requires practices to sustain human caring for humanity and the planet for our collective well-being. We appreciate your interest in Watson Caring Science Affiliation.

Operational StructureJean Watson
“Nurses and carers are being re-oriented toward indicators such as self-love, self-care, self-knowledge, self-control, and self-healing approaches. These address not only the individual, but also our collective humanness, and what it means to be human…”
Jean Watson
Jean Watson
"By integrating the WCSI ethos of Caring Science into everything we do shows we are committed to providing outstanding caring science for patients, family and staff."
Kelly Irving, MSN, RN, Associate Director Patient Care Services
Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center, Houston TX
To become a Watson Caring Science Affiliate, an organization must demonstrate a sustainable commitment to integrate the values, philosophy, and theory of Watson’s Caring Science. WCSI will offer ongoing support and resources, including customized training programs and consulting, with priority access to Dr. Watson, WCSI Faculty, experts, and scholars. This supports transformation to embed a caring-healing culture.

Watson Caring Science Affiliate / Distinguished Affiliate

We have identified two levels of designation: Affiliate, and Distinguished Affiliate. Both levels showcase and celebrate a commitment to Watson’s Caring Science, to broaden a caring healing environment for staff, patients and families, organizational culture, and communities.

  • Affiliation – demonstrating the required indicators
  • Distinguished Affiliation – for more advanced organizations; demonstrating required plus additional exemplary indicators.

Both Affiliate & Distinguished Affiliate organizations will demonstrate commitment to Watson’s Caring Science using the indicators described under four categories: Legacy/Leadership, Education, Praxis & Research. Affiliate leaders are encouraged to disseminate their Watson Caring Science practice model and outcomes through scholarly publications, research, and international workshops and conferences, thereby contributing to the nursing field.

“So glad Magnet highlighted our Watson Caring Science Integration as one of our 7 exemplars!”
Grissel Hernandez, PhD, MPH, RN, HNB-BC, Caritas Coach®
Executive Director, Center for Education and Professional Development, Stanford Health Care

Watson Caring Science Affiliate Required Indicators

To apply, please use the following required indicators to guide your application for affiliate success. These have been created to help you identify authentic practices of Watson’s Caring Science theory and ‘living out’ the 10 Caritas Processes.® Required indicators are grouped under: Legacy/Leadership; Education; Praxis, and Research. Please provide an example addressing each bullet point.
Watson Caring Science Affiliates who have met the required indicators may submit additional examples to be recognized as a Distinguished Caring Science Affiliate. Please choose one or more from each category.
"Our Shared Leadership Councils have chosen the Theory of Caring Science to guide our professional practice. Every Cedars-Sinai nurse is a Caritas nurse."
r. Anita Girard, DNP, CPHQ, NEA-BC, VP and CNO

Privileges and Benefits for Watson Caring Science Affiliates

WCSI is dedicated to supporting your Watson Caring Science journey. We celebrate your successes and achievements nationally and internationally.

Fees & Application

  • To apply, please reach out to Dr. Watson in the first instance to WCSI indicating your commitment. Jean Watson:

Thereafter, Dianne Reid, WCSI Program Enrichment Director will act as your main point of contact. Dianne Reid:

We will work with you to ensure you have the right processes in place to succeed.

  • Once successful, WCSI will create joint press info and supply you with branding, logos and other ‘welcome basket items.’
  • Once designated, Affiliates will be asked to submit a ‘light touch’ Annual Report. This is an opportunity to share your successes with the WCSI community.
  • Affiliation is a recommended (optional) 3-year commitment. The fee is determined based on the size and scope of the organization and ranges from $25k to $100k annually.

Benefits and fees subject to change without notice.


Watson’s Caring Science Theory has codified the universals of human caring, transcending language, religion, and borders: those universals are identified and named, manifested or ‘lived out’ through the 10 Caritas Processes®. They are 10 universal truths or canons in which to live and work by.

1. EMBRACE altruistic values and practice of loving-kindness, compassion and equanimity with self and others.

2. INSPIRE Being authentically present, enabling faith/hope/belief system, honoring subjective inner, lifeworld of self/others.

3. TRUST Being sensitive to self and others by cultivating own spiritual practices; beyond ego-self to transpersonal presence.

4. NURTURE Developing and sustaining loving, trusting-caring relationships.

5. FORGIVE Allowing for expression of positive and negative feelings – authentically listening to another person’s story.

6. DEEPEN Creatively problem-solving, solution–seeking through a caring process; full use of self and artistry of caring-healing practices via use of all ways of knowing / being / doing / becoming.

7. BALANCE Engaging in transpersonal teaching and learning within context of caring relationship; staying within other’s frame of reference-shift toward coaching model for expanded health/wellness.

8. CO-CREATE Creating a healing environment at all levels; subtle environment for energetic authentic caring presence.

9. MINSTER Reverentially assisting with basic needs as sacred acts, touching mindbodyspirit of other; sustaining human dignity.

10. OPEN Opening to spiritual, mystery, unknowns – allowing for miracles.

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