About WCSI

The Watson Caring Science Institute (WCSI) is an international non-profit organization created to advance the philosophies, theories and practices of Human Caring, originated by Jean Watson, Distinguished Professor Emerita and Dean Emerita of University of Colorado Denver, College of Nursing, where she held the Endowed Chair in Caring Science at the University of Colorado Denver and Health Sciences Center. The Theory and Science of Human Caring seeks to restore the profound nature of caring-healing, and bring the ethic and ethos of Love back into Healthcare. Through an extended network of professional, clinical and academic colleagues, the Institute will translate the model of Caring-Healing/Caritas into more systematic programs and services which can continue to transform healthcare, one nurse/one practitioner/one educator/one system at a time.

WSCI is dedicated to help the current health care system retain its most precious resource – competent, caring professional nurses – while preparing a new generation of health professionals in a broader model of Caring Science. WSCI is helping to ensure caring and healing for the public, reduce nurse turnover, and decrease costs to the system.

We are the light in institutional darkness, and in this model we get to return to the light of our humanity.Jean Watson

The Watson Caring Science Institute builds upon the lifetime background and global academic and clinical experiences of Dr. Jean Watson and her work in the field of Caring-Healing philosophy, theories, and practices. Dr. Watson has more than 30 years experience, with travels throughout the world. Working with expertise from WCSI faculty and over 500 trained Caritas Coaches®, Watson and her colleagues work to develop and implement the science, theories and philosophies of caring and healing used by nurses and academic and clinical institutions internationally.

Program Overview

Dr. Watson and WCSI faculty focus on deeply personal, heart-centered, theory-guided, Caritas Practices to transformative Caring–Healing professional Human Care models and modalities, attending to an energetic system-wide healing environment as Caritas field.

Caring Science expands and deepens the conventional model of medical science, offering a unitary world view of connectedness of all – thus Caring Science programs draw upon shared human spirit for creative new solutions, allowing for expanded views of humanity, of healing, of health.

The 10 Caritas Processes® of Watson’s theory, provides language of phenomenon of human caring which contributes to healing, wholeness and human evolution, making new connections between human-to-human caring-love-healing and even peace in our world.


Dr. Watson and WCSI faculty:

  • offer expertise with unique packages for keynotes, speaking, consultations, and workshops from WCSI faculty
  • provide intensive training programs in CaritasHeart™ Theory and Professional Practices
  • sponsor Global Consortia
  • sponsors and coordinate Watson Caring Science Global Associates with diverse countries
  • offer selected clinical-educational-curriculum and research studies to meet diverse individual and system learning needs.

Each July, Dr. Watson conducts intense seminars for Watson Caring Science Postdoctoral Scholars based upon Caring Science as Sacred Science and emancipatory forms of inquiry.

Every October and April, the Caritas Coach Education Program® (CCEP) is a unique, six-month program offered by the Watson Caring Science Institute led by Jan Anderson, EdD, RN, AHN-BC, CCEP Director, Caritas Coach®.

Every October, WCSI in partnership with national caring science clinical educational systems, coordinate the International Caritas Consortium (ICC). The ICC is sponsored by clinical-academic organizations in various locations throughout the USA, implementing Caring Science in their settings, as exemplars of this transformative work. Other Caritas consortia are now offered regionally in different parts of the country and other parts of the world.

WCSI 2.0

WCSI 2.0 means we are upgrading our Institute by consciously focusing on four distinctive parts which make up the whole: Legacy, Praxis, Education, and Research.

Education: WSCI 2.0 continues its dedication to help the current health care system retain its most precious resource – competent, caring professional nurses. Our ambition is to prepare a new generation of health professionals in a broader model of Caring Science. We do this by continuing to develop leaders through the unique 6 month Caritas Coach Education Program® (CCEP); The free online Massive Open Online Course, (MOOC) which combines the 10 Caritas Processes®) with Mindful Practices of Thich Nhat Hanh (Vietnamese Buddhist Monk and Peace Activist). These are enhanced by with online sessions with Dr. Watson. The MOOC course and WCSI education mission also extends to global caring science education for the public. Academic support is offered to colleges, university faculty, and students for caring science curriculum/pedagogies and authentic evaluation models.  WSCI 2.0 overall educational aim is toward an evolving consciousness for moral moral community of caring/healing and health for all.

Praxis: Praxis, meaning informed moral practice. Our work is informed by the values, philosophy, theory and ethic of human caring/healing. Praxis is distinguished from theory. WCSI 2.0 is dedicated to advancing professional theory-guided practice models of caring science.  WCSI 2.0 with its international leaders, is dedicated to new clinical caring science praxis, criteria, and new standards to sustain human dignity, loving kindness, trusting relations, and a healing environment. The work is validated by new clinical Caritas outcomes. WCSI 2.0 National Caring Science Affiliates and partners are nationally recognized and designated as visionary exemplars of these futuristic transformative models of caring/healing health care for staff and patients/family/community.  

Research: WCSI 2.0 recognizes that without research, nursing as a discipline is in danger of becoming obsolete and voiceless. We are on a mission to continue the research which captures and incorporates professional criteria of caring/healing (Caritas) with national outcomes,  New credentials are being developed based upon Caring Science/Heart Science  (HeartMath.org) e.g. CaritasHealth™ programs. Research based upon caring science is leading to higher human caring/compassion standards for patient care and wider implications for our world and humanity. New ventures such as working in partnership with Press Ganey and gathering empirical data will support the theory and science of Human Caring, to restore the profound nature of caring-healing, affirming the ethic and ethos of Love and Compassion back into Healthcare.

Legacy: WCSI 2.0 is amalgamating the work of Dr. Jean Watson to sustain the robustness of the Institute and Caring Science for the future. Legacy work consists of creating a ‘holding space’ to gather, develop and support the global community of Caring Science and foci in Caritas Praxis, Research, and Education strands in a coherent manner.  This will enable Caring Science philosophy, values, theory and practices to develop and grow, ensuring Watson Caring Science Institute will continue to carry out its original mission, programs, and purpose now, and into the future.