WCSI Scholarships

The John M Kertland Scholarship

specifically for applicants accepted in the Caritas Coach Educational Program®

Deadlines to apply:

  • February 1 for April CCEP enrollment
  • August 1 for October CCEP enrollment
John M Kertland
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The Watson Caring Science Scholarship

a general fund

Deadlines to apply:

  • This is a rolling program.
  • There is no deadline
WCSI General Fund
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Terms & Conditions

The Watson Caring Science Institute holds and administers certain funds that provide scholarship grants to individuals, or groups of individuals to enable the recipients to support an educational experience in the field of Caring Science at WCSI or other organizations approved by the Scholarship Members. Grants made from such Funds shall be referred to as “The John Matthew Kertland V Scholarship”; or “Watson Caring Science Scholarship.”

  1. The Board of Directors of Watson Caring Science Institute appoints all of the members of the WCSI Scholarship Committee.
  2. Neither donors nor the parties related to the donor control the scholarship committee directly or indirectly.
  3. All scholarships are awarded on an objective and nondiscriminatory basis using a procedure that has been approved in advance by the Board of Directors of Watson Caring Science Institute and that has been designed to ensure that all such grants meet the requirements of paragraphs (1), (2), or (3) of section 4945(g) of the Tax Code.
  4. Applicants who are not selected may not reapply for the same project.
  5. Applications for scholarship will close without notice.

WCSI shall retain the following records in connection with all Watson Caring Science Scholarships: all information obtained by the Institute to evaluate the qualifications of potential grantees, the identification of grantees, the purpose and amount of each grant, and any additional information WCSI obtains in complying with its’ grant’s administration procedures.

Information pertaining to both successful and unsuccessful applicants for Scholarships shall be kept in confidence. Records pertaining to any grant made pursuant to this policy shall be kept for no less than three years after the filing of WCSI annual tax return for the period in which the last installment of such grant was paid.

This document will be reviewed annually.