Watson Caring Science Global Associates


Watson Caring Science Global Associates represent individuals, systems, projects/programs and events around the world, which are endorsed and formally recognized by Dr. Watson and Watson Caring Science Institute (WCSI). Each Global Caring Science Associate is contributing to the development and advancement of Caring Science knowledge and practices in partnership with Dr. Watson/WCSI.

Watson Caring Science Global Associates are visionary leaders with programs that address global caring needs of society. They serve as inspired exemplars at this unique turning point for humanity. Watson Caring Science Global Associates unite all health professionals, under a shared commitment to embrace foundational and fundamental premises for sustaining human caring – healing and health for all people around the globe.

Watson Caring Science Institute supports our Global Associates, to help nurses and nursing unite and expand shared values, philosophies, theories, and commitments to advance human caring, healing, health and peace for our world. Our aims:

  • network and unite scholars, researchers, educators, administrators, and practitioners of Caring Science scholarship
    • access and collate a global data base of Caring Science
      • disseminate grass roots global programs and human caring initiatives from around the world; provide a forum for global nursing and health/healing professionals to expand and disseminate knowledge and practices of human caring, healing and peace in service to humanity, through informed moral action

      WCSI in Latin America

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      For further information on our global projects please contact Julie Watson.

      Current Global Associates


      Watson Caring Science Global Associates

      Pending Global Associates

      • Hong Kong
      • Ireland
      • Korea
      • Philippines
      • Singapore
      • South Africa
      • Taiwan
      • Thailand
      • Turkey
      Each Watson Caring Science Global Associates member represents international collaboration and visionary diverse approaches to Caring Science for our world.Dr. Jean Watson

      Become a Global Associate of Watson Caring Science Institute

      Global Association with Watson Caring Science Institute is usually by invitation only, but Dr. Watson is open to review your interest and background related to your participation.

      Please complete the request form for consideration.

      Once approved for Global Associate status and recognition, the Membership Fee is $500 US/per year. The fee can be remitted via PayPal or credit card in the Membership Fee section above.


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