Janet F. Quinn, PhD, RN, FAAN

WCSI Volunteer Faculty Associate
Speaker, Author
Associate Professor, Adjunct
University of Colorado School of Nursing, Denver

I have been engaged with healing—pondering, practicing, researching, teaching, writing, sharing and living—for (I can’t believe it) over three decades. In the process, I have encountered both extraordinary goodness and beauty and heart/soul wounding from which I was not certain I would ever recover – and maybe I haven’t. If this feels or sounds familiar, it is because such is not only my story, but a story that in one way of another many of us know intimately. It is the story of the Wounded Healer, often a dimension of the Most Beautiful Way of the Healer, which is what makes the path so sacred. Fortunately, the myth of the wounded healer doesn’t end with the wounding, but with emergence of something new, perhaps even a new being, bearing in the scars a wisdom that is both exquisitely simple and profoundly unfathomable. Sometimes silence is best. Sometimes speaking is the only way to know what has been learned. I live and welcome both, and look forward to both in our sacred circle together.