Jill Hruska, BSCN, RN, CAE

WCSI Caritas Coach®
WCSI CCEP® Faculty

Jill Hruska is a Nursing Instructor at Assiniboine Community College in Manitoba, Canada. With over 30 years of experience in health and education, Jill incorporates unity caring science by combining best practices based on Western and traditional health modalities. Unity caring science informs both physical and virtual classrooms and healthcare settings. She is an active practicing registered nurse with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and is certified in Adult Education. She graduated as a Caritas Coach® in 2016 with cohort 14.

Jill sits on the board of the Women’s Resource Centre. The center provides programs, services, and counseling on issues affecting women and children, including family violence while encouraging respect, diversity, and equality with a feminist perspective.

She is currently an advisor to the board of the Canadian Psychedelic Association related to education development and best practice guidelines for health care providers.

Jill has worked internationally in palliative care and oncology, where she nurtured and integrated energetic healing practices that most recently include indigenous practices for creative solution finding, sound, and healing. She currently applies unitary caring science in her interactions in Primary Health and Harm reduction practice areas.

Jill has presented nationally and internationally on the topic of unity caring science and the caring curriculum. She follows unity caring science in her health and education practices to ensure all human beings feel valued and respected in their diversity.