Andy Davies, MEd, PhD (thesis submitted)

Nursing Lecturer
University of Southern Queensland
Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia

I have been nursing for 28 years, educating nurses for 20 years, and teaching yoga and meditation for 16 years. I was hospital trained and certificated in coronary care and critical care in the 1980’s and 1990’s. I have held six nursing education posts in Australia, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar in hospitals, a hospital project and universities. As well I established and ran a yoga studio in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for nearly a decade. I have conducted greater than 5000 hours of classroom teaching and 2000 hours of yoga and meditation teaching. Within my Masters of Education (MEd) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) I explored firstly the expectations of yoga students of yoga classes (MEd thesis), and the experiences of senior Yoga teacher-trainers conducting modern yoga teacher-training programs (PhD thesis). I am interested in the intersection East and West from the perspectives of knowing, being, and caring.

Postdoc focus:
1). The use of metaphor to appreciate the current state on nursing.
2). Exploring the architecture of consciousness to capacity-build caring.
3). Dialogic discourse around Caring Science and Eastern approaches of being, knowing, and caring.