Million Nurse Global Caring Field Project

January 2010

Million Nurse Global Caring Field Project: Radiating a field of Worldwide Energetic Caring Consciousness for Global Healing and Health for all.

Radiate with a million nurses (or more) around the globe: to create and manifest an energetic Caring Field of Heart-Centered Love for Self, Others, and the Planet Earth. These intentional focused experiences honor and extend the human caring vibration of nurses into the universal cosmic Love energy field of humanity facilitating healing and health for all.

Launch Date
The formal launch of the Million Nurse Global Caring Field Project occurred on January 1, 2010 at 12 pm / Noon – Eastern Standard Time (EST/ UTC -0500). A series of heart-centered meditations and events led by Dr. Jean Watson and other dignitaries were  broadcast around the world.

This vision was inspired by the fact that Oprah Winfrey and Eckhart Tolle reached over a million people around the globe simultaneously by offering a course on Tolle’s book, A New Earth. Further, this vision was expanded through the latest evidence-based research and science of the heart, developed by Institute of HeartMath and others.

This latest evidenced-based science of the heart confirms that humans meditating on Heart-centered feelings of Love, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Compassion, and Caring (higher vibration positive emotions associated with the heart) radiate an electromagnetic field several feet beyond themselves. When working from a heart centered loving–caring consciousness, there is more ‘coherence’ in the human electromagnetic field radiating from the heart.

Nurses around the world bring this loving heart-centered caring energy of Love and Caring to their individual work every day. However, nurses may be silently unaware of their actual energetic linkage and connection they have with others in their environment, and their natural capability of unlimited expansive potential to affect the universal consciousness field of humanity.

The electromagnetic field radiating from the heart is the basis of an energetic environment that is not only within us, and around us, and many believe is the source of life sustaining energy and our humanity; the source of inner truth, beauty, compassion, creativity, love and caring, and our connection with life force. This universal field of Cosmic Love has limitless capability for healing, especially when focused from an intentional collective heart-centered loving consciousness.

Nurses and nursing exemplify an archetype for human caring in the world. Collectively nurses can radiate intentional heart-centered coherent fields of Love by simultaneously connecting through a guided heart-centered Caring Field meditation. Indirectly, nurse’s heart-centered Caring-Love vibrations would be contributing to elevating and expanding the electromagnetic energy field that in turn would increase the human health-healing consciousness at this point in human history.

The Million Nurse Caring Loving Field Project continues to be integrated into other global initiatives of Dr. Watson, as part of a commitment of Health for All. Moreover it is envisioned to be integrated with HeartMath Global Coherence Initiative, where it seeks to connect with a million people around the globe to create a human ‘coherence‘ field for heart-centered living.

This project is open to expansion and on-going growth as world commitment and communities evolve toward a Global Caring Consciousness.