WCSI Affiliate Spotlight: University of New Hampshire, Department of Nursing

October 2023
UNH Department of Nursing — Caring Science Journey

The faculty and staff within the department of Nursing at UNH continues their journey in Caring Science with increasing faculty commitment to educating the future nursing professionals within a caring science framework.

Dr. Cathleen Colleran DNP, RN has embarked on a continued Caring Science journey, participating in the WCSI Caritas Leadership Program™. Within this program, Dr. Colleran will expand her knowledge of authentic presence, deep listening and caritas literacy.

The faculty continue to incorporate caring micro practices within course content and engage students in caring science through role modeling of authentic presence, self-reflecting and practices of self-care.

All faculty meetings begin with a centering activity and many classes have begun this practice. We have revised the mission of the department to reflect the focus of Caring.

The UNH Nursing program’s mission is to provide exemplary nursing education across all levels. Grounded in caring science, the program emphasizes rigorous inquiry, creativity, and self-reflection to inspire skilled, compassionate, and transformative nursing leaders. UNH nursing is dedicated to addressing social determinants of health through patient and family empowerment, commitment to inclusivity, and alleviation of health inequities. This education serves people and communities in which they live, learn, work, play, and age.

The Zen Den continues to be a place for reflection and pause for all throughout our busy days. This space offer students and faculty a safe and relaxing environment during periods of heightened stress and/or anxiety.

Plans for this upcoming academic year include further integration of caring science activities within the curriculum and expanded opportunities for learning within the faculty, staff and students. The UNH Nursing department strives to be a regional center and example for Caring Science for all nursing professionals. A regional conference is in the planning stages for 2024.

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