Mona Elshazly, MSN, RN

Nurse Specialist-UMHC Nursing Professional Practice & Magnet Accreditation Department
Watson Caring Science Institute Caritas Coach®
Caritas Council Chair
ACNC Editor-in-Chief
University of Miami Hospital and Clinics

Mona is a dedicated Registered Nurse with years of experience. Currently, she is a nurse specialist for Professional Practice and the Magnet Accreditation Department at the University of Miami Hospital and Clinics, promoting and educating on Magnet culture, meeting and maintaining compliance with Magnet accreditation standards, and assisting to maintain regulatory compliance within the University of Miami Hospital and Clinics. As part of the professional practice and Magnet team, Mona is able to promote a culture of caring and compassion, Caring Science, and the implementation of the Caritas Processes® in nursing practice, as well as fostering the culture of teamwork, and actively contributing to the successful accomplishment of the goals and the mission of nursing and the organization. Mona is also the Chair of the Caritas Council at the University of Miami which was launched in October of 2022, advancing Caring Science education, enculturation, and culture within the organization.

Mona has a Master’s in Nursing Leadership and a Bachelor’s in Broadcast Communication. She is also an author of children’s books, and an artist in all forms as she paints, dances, writes, and creates jewelry. Mona is also a Yogini and Reiki healer.