Exploring the Expansiveness of Caritas Literacy

November 11, 2016


Caritas Consciousness Webinar Series — Exploring the Expansiveness of Caritas Literacy

We warmly invite you to join us on Thursday, December 15th for a 30-minute webinar Caring Science – Exploring the evolution of Caritas Literacy with a postmodern critique –

Join Dr. Jean Watson and Dr. Sara Horton-Deutsch for a passionate and collaborative dialogue of what constitutes ‘Caritas Literacy’ or more specifically, lack of ‘human caring literacy’. A postmodern critique will be offered to uncover evidence of  ‘human caring Illiteracy’ within our current socio-political-professional institutions and society. Formal ontological practices of Caritas Literacy will be emphasized to overcome current caritas challenges. The overarching aim is to engage a critical caritas consciousness and cultivate new authentic caritas communities from within and without.

globaladvanceshumancaringBoth Sara and Jean will draw upon newly released book: Lee, S., Palmieri, P., Watson, J. (2016) Global Caring Literacy. NY: Springer.