Happy Nurse Recognition Week 2017

Northern Westchester Hospital

We were so honored and thrilled to have Jean Watson on site during our Nurse’s Week Celebrations. Dr. Jean Watson is a pioneer nursing theorist who conceived the theory of human caring in nursing. This visit was notable because the hospital’s professional practice model is based on Dr. Watson’s theory of human caring, which provides a framework for the art and science of nursing care.

The presentation was attended by 150 nurses from the various units throughout the hospital. For those of you not able to attend the presentation, please view the video on our staff site.

“Dr. Watson’s theory is the foundation of how we care for our patients, and who we are as clinicians and nurses,” says Dr. Lauraine Spano-Szekely. “Dr. Watson’s theories live and breathe at Northern Westchester Hospital, where we combine clinical expertise with a humanistic approach to treat each patient – not as a collection of symptoms – but as an individual with physical and mental needs. Combined with our Planetree patient and family engagement Care Model, Dr. Watson’s theories inform the art of care at Northern Westchester Hospital.”

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