WCSI 2.0 – Updates from Jean Watson

June 28, 2017

WCSI 2.0 Updates from Jean Watson, Founder of Non-Profit Watson Caring Science Institute (WCSI)

I am delighted to introduce my daughter, Julie Watson, as a new support to me and WCSI where she will work virtually, as well as in person, for selected WCSI events and programs.

Click here to view short video clip of our joint introduction.

Here is a visual aesthetic model of internal organization of WCSI 2.0 update. This visual model depicts the center as Caring Science with foci in Research, Education, Praxis (informed moral practice theory guided) and Legacy for continuation of the work via stabilizing WCSI.

Julie will be the ‘Go-to-Person’, working closely with me to coordinate, organize, plan and communicate with all parties and programs. She has a background which is precisely what WCSI requires at this time for stability, and sustainability for Caring Science to be of service to our world, now and for the future.

For example with a Masters from University of Sussex UK, she has experience in creating and managing non-profits, community organization development, grant writing, event planning and management, along with digital TV programming in arts, health, and culture.

Julie can be reached at julie@watsoncaringscience.org
Continuing questions to me at jean@watsoncaringscience.org
Continuing questions for business, contracts katie@watsoncaringscience.org
For website issues carol@watsoncaringscience.org

Please join me and WCSI, Board, faculty and colleagues in welcoming her. Feel free to reach out to her with ideas, questions, coordination and future thoughts for sustaining this work in our world.

In appreciation and gratitude,

Jean Watson, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN
Watson Caring Science Institute
Boulder, Colorado 80304 USA
Distinguished Professor and Dean Emerita University of Colorado Denver,