Research Study for Caritas Coaches®, Nurse Leaders & Scholars

WCSI Caritas Coaches®, Nurse Leaders and Scholars, please consider participating in the research study, The relationship between the practice environment (patient experience/patient quality outcomes and nurse satisfaction) in healthcare organizations and a professional practice framework informed by nursing theory /nursing science. The research was approved by FAU IRB. The purpose of the study is to collect quantitative data related to hospital, CNO, nursing staff and patient data characteristics in hospitals.

The only procedure involved in this research study is completion of the survey link below:

It should take no more than 30-45 minutes to complete the survey. If you need to stop the survey and come back to it later your entered data will be saved. All requested data is non-PHI data, and your name will not be linked to the survey responses. You are free to skip any question if you are not comfortable sharing the results. Your participation in the study is voluntary.

The risks associated with this study are minimal and you may benefit from having the opportunity to review and present your own hospital data in an organized manner.

An additional benefit is the contribution to nursing knowledge related to nurse, patient, and system outcomes in hospitals.

If you experience problems or have questions regarding your rights as a research subject contact the Florida Atlantic University Division of Research at 561-297-1383. For other questions about the study please call the principal investigator (Dr. Marian Turkel) at 561-297-3264.

By completing the survey you give consent to participate in this study. If you choose, you can print a copy of this page for your personal records.

The second part of our research study involves a telephone interview or an in-person interview (approximately 30-60 minutes) with the Chief Nursing Officer or designee regarding use of a nursing theoretical framework to guide professional nursing practice. We want to explore this issue in more detail and welcome your thoughts, impressions, and opinions related to using or not using a designated nursing theory or theories to guide professional nursing practice in your setting. We welcome your thoughts and opinions on this subject.

Please e-mail if you are willing to participate in this interview.

Marian Turkel, RN, PhD, NEA-BC, FAAN
Associate Professor
Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing
Florida Atlantic University
777 Glades Road Room 334
Boca Raton, FL 33431
Phone 561-297-3264
Fax 561-297-2416