WCSI Affiliate Spotlight: University of Miami Health System

November 2023
University of Miami Hospital and Clinics Professional Practice Model
Transforming Nursing Practice

This professional practice model represents nursing practice at University of Miami Hospital and Clinics and is the blueprint on how we operate.

Lotus: Symbolizes purity, promotes positivity and calmness, enlightenment and rebirth. Also symbolizes our affiliation with the Watson Caring Science Institute (WCSI).

Mind, Body, Spirit: Focusing on mental, physical and spiritual health.

Anchor: “A person or thing that provides strength and support” Nursing provides the strength and focus to lead the organization into the future. We are Anchored for Excellence.

The Helm: “The entire steering apparatus of a ship” to steer or direct our nursing vision.

At the Center: Self, Patient/Family and Community

Relationship-Based Care Model:
Relationship-based care is built upon 3 key relationships:
~ Relationship with self
~ Relationship with co-workers/others
~ Relationship with patients/families

Healing Culture: We integrate healing and caring practices into our work.

Bell of Hope and Healing: For all patients

Core Nursing Values: Care, Compassion, Wisdom, Love, Excellence

Nursing Theories that lead Nursing Practice:
~ Jean Watson’s Theory of Caring Science
~ Madeleine Leininger’s Theory of Transcultural Care

Other Principles That Drive/Guide Practice:
~ Shared Governance
~ Evidence-Based Practice
~ Transcultural Care
~ Inter-professional Collaboration
~ Transformational Leadership

UMHC Organizational Pillars of Excellence: People, Service, Quality, Finance, Growth