1st ever Watson Caring Science Lotus Recognition to Hackensack University Medical Center

January 2023 — Deerfield Beach, FL – Watson Caring Science Institute (WCSI) is delighted to announce our very first Watson Caring Science Lotus Recognition awarded to Hackensack University Medical Center Nursing Team, Edison, NJ. WCSI created this recognition to celebrate real-life examples of the values, philosophy, and caring theory guided by Watson’s Caring Science to reflect the organization’s caring-healing culture for team members, patients, and communities. We are honored to present Watson Caring Science Lotus Recognition which celebrates and recognizes the authentic caring and healing culture provided at Hackensack University Medical Center Nursing Team.

The following quote included in the application was a beautiful example from an oncology nurse:

“I cared for a young man with Down’s Syndrome and lymphoma. I remember that his family left him in the hospital towards the end of his life. I could not understand this, but I imagine they had great difficulty coping with losing their son. I remember staying with him after my shift had ended so he would not be alone. My colleagues and I all took turns staying with him so he would not die alone. We were his family, and we loved him. It was very sad and very beautiful all at the same time. I will never forget him.”
~ J.H., Oncology Nurse

This shows not only the caring and loving kindness towards the patient (an example of Watson’s Caritas Process® #1) but also compassion and forgiveness for the family who, for whatever reason, could not be there (an example of WCP #5). In addition, Caritas Process 9, “reverently assisting with basic needs as sacred acts,” is undoubtedly being lived out.

The Watson Caring Science Lotus Recognition was presented by our very own Dianne Reid (1st row; 2nd-right to left), WCSI Program Enrichment Director, to the Nursing Team at Hackensack University Medical Center during a ceremony held in December 2022. “I’m delighted to present this well-deserved recognition,” Dianne said, “an exemplar to other systems nationally of Hackensack University Medical Center’s commitment to Watson’s Caring Science culture and the 10 Caritas Processes®“.

The successful application focussed on reflective self-care retreats held with the nursing team. “Research shows that Watson’s Theory of Human Caring improves patient care and reduces staff turnover.” said Theresa M. Brodrick (1st-row center), RN, Ph.D., NE-BC, Executive Vice President and Network Chief Nurse Executive, Hackensack Meridian Health explained, “We built our nursing practice at Hackensack Meridian around Watson’s Theory because of our deeply rooted commitment to providing holistic family and patient-centered care. It is our shared belief that embracing self-care for our staff is essential.”

Ramonita Jiménez (1st row; 4th-right to left), DNP, MPA, RN, NEA-BC, Chief Nursing Officer for Hackensack University Medical Center, said, “The prestigious Lotus Recognition showcases our extraordinary nursing team and our commitment to providing them with the tools needed to care for themselves while elevating their care for our patients…”

Mark Sparta (1st row/far left), FACHE, President and Chief Hospital Executive, Hackensack University Medical Center and President of Hackensack Meridian Health Northern Region, shared, “It is a true honor to receive this recognition as it illustrates Hackensack University Medical Center’s overarching commitment to providing quality care and healing environments for our patients and team members. I applaud our nursing team for achieving yet another distinguished national honor.”

“Congratulations to Hackensack Meridian Health’s first-of-its-kind Lotus Recognition from WCSI… Thank you for contributing to furthering caring science.”
~ Jean Watson congratulating Hackensack University Medical Center Nursing Team.

Want to be the next Lotus Recognition? To find out how you can receive a Lotus Recognition, contact Dianne Ried at Dianne@watsoncaringscience.org.