Baby Lolita Orsua, MBAHM, BSN, RN

Nurse Leader/Caritas Coach® – Medical-Surgical Telemetry
Kaiser Sacramento Morse Medical Center
WCSI Caritas Coach®
KP CCEP Faculty

Baby is currently an Assistant Manager for the Medical-Surgical Telemetry unit in one of the hospitals in Sacramento. Baby Lolita Orsua is an experienced nurse leader with over 25 years’ experience. Originally from the Philippines, Baby always believed in faith, service, and love as the foundation of being a human being.

She has a demonstrated history of enhancing patient-centered care and improving quality outcomes in the hospital & health care industry. Baby assisted in the re-designation of the Bariatric Center of Excellence in one of the hospitals in Texas and the brand-new designation of the Orthopedic Center of Excellence in the same hospital. In her current role, as a Nurse Leader, she was recognized as a Daisy Award for Nurse Leaders by the employees she works with.

Baby has a BSN from the University of Guam and her MBAHM from the Western Governors. She serves as a Caritas Coach in the Northern California Region.

Baby ‘s dream has not always been to become a nurse. She wanted to be a pharmacist; however, her family could not afford to send her off-island. Through the passing of her father and his long hospital stay, Baby realized that she could give back to others better by being a nurse. Her journey as a daughter, sister, mother, wife, auntie and a nurse made her a better person and a better Caritas Coach.