Charlene Johnson, MSN, RN

HeartMath® Trainer
WCSI Caritas Coach®
KP CCEP Faculty

Charlene Johnson also know as “Coach Charlene” has over 30 years of Nursing, Leadership, & Coaching experience. As a Certified Caritas Coach and Heart Math trainer, she inspires teams and individuals to be the highest expression of themselves, through transforming self and systems one person, one heartbeat, and one system at a time. Her ability to touch the hearts and minds of the people as she facilitates sessions that empower employees and leaders to increase personal resilience, rediscover their why, and transform to a higher version of themselves. Charlene is passionate about assisting the health care professional to transform themselves so that they can transform the systems in which they work. She is known as a leader who leads with her heart, while empowering others to be the best.

Charlene’s clinical expertise is Neonatal Nursing and Maternal Child Services. She currently is a Nursing Leader at Kaiser Permanente South Sacramento and has recently received a Daisy Health Equity Team award as well as a Lotus Recognition™ from Watson Caring Science Institute for co-creating the Caring Science Academy, a frontline healthcare worker transformative experience to reignite the passion for the profession. “You never would have told me when I was blessed to attend USF for my BSN that I would be making a difference in so many others lives–it is quite humbling and fills me with deep satisfaction.” Charlene recently completed her MSN in 2021 where she innovated an interactive educational series on Reducing Bias by evaluating cultural humility and Mindfulness Practices in the Maternal Child unit..

In June 2020, Charlene felt the call to respond to a destiny moment by speaking up for equity and inclusion as a minority. She began to intuitively host several listening sessions addressing systemic racism and awareness to current issues of today. Charlene is a strategic thought partner with teams that are creating a more equitable workforce. Charlene continues to initiate courageous compassionate conversations that disrupt the status quo. Charlene’s latest heart project is a podcast called “When the moment chooses you” where she interviews change agents and trail blazers that seized their destiny moment and changed the world around them.

Charlene is also known as a spiritual midwife, beacon of hope, sought-after speaker, master motivator, and woman on a mission to spread peace, love, and light to all who she encounters. Charlene is a transformative leader who loves to use storytelling to bring transformation and healing to all.