Jessica Van Leuven, MSN, RN, NE-BC, CNL

HeartMath® Certified Trainer
Healing Circles Facilitator
WCSI Caritas Coach®
KP CCEP Faculty

Jessica is currently the manager for Cardiac Services and the Regional Cardiology Peer Group and CIED Co-chair. Jessica Van Leuven is an experienced nurse leader with over 20 years experience. She has a demonstrated history of enhancing patient-centered care and improving quality outcomes in the hospital & health care industry. She is skilled in public speaking, strategic communications, educational leadership, leadership development, and team management. She is known for her work in elevating nursing practice through development and promotion of progressive educational experiences, connecting clinicians meaningfully to their “why”, mentoring, and “cross-pollinating” with unique experience leading across clinical specialties.

Jessica has a BSN from Brigham Young University and her MSN from the University of San Francisco. She serves as a Caritas Coach, HeartMath Trainer, Healing Circles Facilitator. Jessica has served on the board of directors for Wellness within and REEF.

Jessica remembers from her youth feeling called to the nursing profession. She would often tell her parents “I want to be a baby nurse when I grow up.” Naïve comments from her childhood innocence could never prepare her for the life that nursing has given. She along with so many of her peers could tell you endless stories of chaos, joy, death, trauma, and the greatest triumphs known to every single one of our careers. Shared stories of meaningful connection bind hearts in deep humanity and belonging. Jessica has dedicated her life’s work to building resiliency, enhancing empathy, and connecting clinicians meaningfully to their work.