Celebrating Caritas Colleague Amy Schlachtenhaufen

June 2022

We continue to highlight our Caritas Colleagues and share their contribution and commitment to Caring Science. This month we are celebrating: Amy Schlachtenhaufen, BSN, RN, Caritas Coach®, WCSI CCEP® Faculty.

Letting Love Shine

Caring Science has been part of me before I knew what it was. It was the part of holistic nursing that drew me into the profession.

I was blessed to be born into a family where my grandmother was a nurse in the early 1900’s. She taught me early on in life that being a nurse was more than your actions and assessments at the bedside, it was in how you interacted with the whole person and their support network that was the true healing. It was through how you cared for and LOVED that person that helped them heal.

Being a creative person, I have always been attracted to different ways of healing through caring. I was the nurse that made Kentucky Derby hats with sock flowers and oxygen tubing to make being in the hospital not the excuse to stop a tradition. I was the nurse that worked with my colleagues to construct a makeshift hair washing sink out of adult diapers and trash bags to wash the hair of our spinal cord injury patients. I was surrounded by a team of caring and loving individuals who helped make my unique ideas come to life. It was through these creative solutions we were able to care for more than the human body of our patients, but their soul and hearts. Little did I know, that I was using Caritas Process #6. We are all gifted in how to see another person and meet their needs. It just takes self awareness and confidence to act upon what you see.

Through my journey in Caring Science I have discovered a worldwide community of like minded nurses and people who are actively seeking opportunities to show LOVE and be LOVE to others.

Opening my heart to be healed, changed and cherished has shined light on how love truly is the greatest source of healing in all the world (08, p.40).

Thank you Jean for sharing with us the possibilities of what bringing nursing and caring back to the heart can do for our world.


Nursing technology integration, Internal healthcare communication, Caritas coaching, Nursing education


Moving into the academic setting has opened up new doors to share and help nursing students experience different ways to use mindfulness and centering as they develop their own nursing practice. This year, I became faculty in the WCSI Caritas Coach Education Program. The opportunity to care and mentor fellow Caritas learners is a true gift, being with them as they discover and reflect gives me hope for a caring centered future.


Decorah, Iowa USA