Dr. Mark D. Beck, DNP, MSN, BS, CENP, RN-BC

Certified HeartMath Trainer, Caritas Coach®, Watson Caring Science Scholar
CEO/Treasurer Beck, Bertram & Associates, LLC
Santa Rosa, CA

Mark is an energetic, visionary executive nursing professional whose passion is creating the environments and curriculum for making manifest the nurse of the future within academic as well as health systems. His passion is co-creating and implementing learner-centered programs that engender learners to access their own leadership skills and passions to navigate the turbulent seas of the complex healthcare systems and marketplace to achieve individual as well as organizational goals and metrics. Success in this arena requires structural support for relational competence at all levels of the organization. Relational competence and complexity leadership are cornerstones of what Mark brings to the organizational table so that organizations access their own competitive advantage by making explicit their own unique tacit and organizational knowledge. Mark grounds his teaching and organizational consultation in Watson’s Caring Science theory and utilizes HeartMath™ techniques to teach resilience to leadership and staff.

Mark has been working in nursing administrative capacities for 25 years at various institutions, and academic settings. His career background includes, nursing administration, adjunct clinical and theory faculty at various local academic institutions, adult as well as paediatric disciplines, and a subspecialty in informatics background. He is board certified in Nurse Executive leadership [CENP] and Nursing Professional Development [RN-BC]. He received his master’s degree in Nursing Administration & Clinical Geriatrics from Azusa Pacific University and his DNP in Nurse Executive Leadership from the University of San Francisco.

My projects for the post-doctoral fellowship in Caring Science will be as follows:

  1. Create a database cataloging the learning activities for caring-healing modalities. This database will be available to those in the Caring Community who need or create these activities for their caring science endeavors and curriculum.
  2. Documentation of the journey of creating an RN-BSN curriculum that is infused with caring science as its foundational underpinnings. This journey would include collaboration with other educators in other programs as a cross pollination of ideas and resources to shorten timelines in curriculum creation.
  3. Augment the outcomes measures of the program to include caring science measures.