Gannon University, Villa Maria School of Nursing awarded the 12th Lotus Recognition


Deerfield Beach, FL: Watson Caring Science Institute (WCSI) is pleased to announce that the latest Lotus Recognition™ has been awarded to Gannon University, Villa Maria School of Nursing, a Catholic, Diocesan university dedicated to excellence in teaching, scholarship and service, located in Erie, PA and Ruskin FL.

Gannon University faculty implemented the 10 Caritas Processes® as a reflective tool into the senior practicum. Each week, students reflect on one of the 10 Caritas Processes® through guided journal prompts, allowing them to explore the connection between theory and clinical practice on a personal level. They also engage in aesthetic activities like body tracings and pictographs, fostering a supportive learning environment for students to practice authentic presence and empathy.

It is a nontraditional method for students to visually represent their experiences and emotions, merging the scientific and artistic aspects of nursing.

“We are honored to receive the Lotus Recognition for our innovative integration of the 10 Caritas Processes® into our senior practicum. This approach not only enriches our students' learning experiences but also embodies our commitment to fostering holistic, compassionate care in nursing,” says Melissa L. Robertson MSN, RN, FNP-BC, CNE, Caritas Coach®, Associate Teaching Professor, Gannon University, Villa Maria School of Nursing.

“It truly warms my heart to witness the embodiment of Caring Science principles. This approach not only enriches the educational experience of students but also signifies a profound commitment to nurturing authentic presence, empathy, and holistic care in nursing practice. It is through initiatives like these that we cultivate the next generation of nurses who will continue to uphold the values of compassion and human connection in healthcare," Jean Watson, Founder/Director, Watson Caring Science Institute.

The Lotus Recognition was virtually presented on April 15, 2024 at Gannon University.

For further information about Lotus Recognition contact Dianne Reid, Program Enrichment Director, at

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