Héctor Rosso inducted into Global Academy of Holistic Nursing

For Immediate Release

Deerfield, FL — June 17, 2023:  On, Héctor Rosso, Watson Caring Science Institute (WCSI) Director, Latino-Iberoamérica was inducted into the Global Academy of Holistic Nursing (GAHN), a community of holistic nurse scholars committed to advance holistic, humanistic, and person-centered pathways to healthcare.

Holistic Nurses recognize humans as holistic unitary beings, connected indivisibly with others and the environment. The Academy provides a culture for Holistic Nurse Scholars to share their expertise, dialogue, and work collaboratively to advance the art and science of holistic nursing; where Scholarship is the vehicle and praxis is the goal.

Héctor Rosso, has demonstrated a program of scholarship that advances the praxes of Holistic Nursing and is committed to expanding sustainable transcultural and integrative caring-healing processes that effect global health care transformation.

“I am delighted and honored to support and contribute to the Global Academy of Holistic Nursing,” says Héctor Rosso. “Thank you from my heart to the Directors, and Dr. Watson.”

“I had no hesitation to recommend Héctor into the Academy,” says Dr. Jean Watson, WCSI Founder & Director and Keynote Speaker for the event, “with his experience in indigenous healing modalities co-mingled with his scholarship in Caring Science, he will be an excellent resource for us all.”

Three members from one of WCSI’s Endorsed Programs, TheCIINDE, were also inducted. Congratulations to Janessa DeCoste, Kimberly Derkach and Sherry Hole.

About Global Academy of Holistic Nursing: The Academy, in support of the missions of the American Holistic Nurses Association’s and the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation focuses on advancing the Specialty of Holistic Nursing around the world. The vision of the Academy is the creation of global communities who embrace the praxes of holistic health, wellness, and social justice. Information regarding the history of the Academy, membership criteria, and more can be found on the website: www.gahnscholars.org.

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