Jan Anderson announces her retirement from WCSI

Jan Marie Anderson, EdD, RN, AHN-BC, Caritas Coach®, Director of the Watson Caring Science Institute’s (WCSI) Caritas Coach Education Program (CCEP) for the last ten years, has announced her retirement in April 2022.

Jan is a devotee of Caring Science and dedicated advocate for teaching-learning-living Caritas for self and others. A long-time nurse educator, leader, and a Caring Science scholar, Dr. Anderson remains a beloved leader of CCEP, compassionately teaching and guiding CCEP faculty and almost 600 students through many changes over the decade. With education and leadership expertise, innovation, a loving passion to create caring practitioners and healthcare systems, and strong caritas literacy, Jan expanded and enriched the curriculum and outreach of CCEP. She did this successfully through creative transpersonal teaching-learning, introduction of online learning, working to meet institution and student needs, and sustaining transpersonal relationships. Perhaps most importantly, Jan empowered faculty and students to be Caritas practitioners, living exemplars, and Caritas models in healing-health care, education, and caring science inquiry.

In her early career, Jan studied with Dr. Jean Watson, completing the International Certificate Program in Caring and Healing from the University of Colorado, Health Sciences Center School of Nursing, Boulder, Colorado. Jan graduated in the first Caritas Coach Education Program® class in 2008 and served as CCEP Faculty and Registrar, before becoming Director three years later. A Certified Holistic Nurse, she also completed an Interspirituality program with Dr. Janet Quinn and HeartMath courses, that included Caritas HeartMath Literacy. Her doctorate degree in education from Nova Southeastern University Fischler School of Education and Human Services focused on nursing education. Jan completed the first formal study that examined Caritas Coaches®, entitled, Exploring Application of the Caritas Coach Role in Nursing Practice. She is co-author of the book Caritas Coaching: A Journey Toward Transpersonal Caring for Informed Moral Action in Healthcare, as well as an article and book chapter on Caritas Coaching.

Jan’s passionate caritas leadership and contributions to caring science and practice reach beyond WCSI. In her past position as Director of the Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) Program at Santa Barbara City College in California, she worked with faculty and staff to integrate Dr. Watson’s Human Caring Theory and Philosophy/Caring Science throughout the nursing program. She has served on several Boards and Santa Barbara local organizations, such as Adventures in Caring, that teaches compassion in nursing, and Daughters of Charity, which provides housing, education and care for single mothers and seniors living in poverty. Jan presently serves on the International Association for Human Caring (IAHC) Board as recording secretary, following three years as an elected Board member.

Jan describes her legacy as WCSI Faculty and Director of CCEP as “one way I contribute to sustaining Caring Science in the future. Our CCEP graduates in many countries are implementing Caring Science in real and practical ways in healthcare, education, business, churches, communities, non-profits, and almost anywhere you can imagine. They illuminate the path to transpersonal ways of being that remind us that whatever it is we do, it is our heart and soul that brings back the humanity in our lives and work. I truly believe that caritas coaching is a way to move Caring Science forward in the world.”

Jan leaves an indelible legacy and a continuing program informed by humanistic values of loving-compassionate, moral-ethical caring as sacred activism in our world of distress.

Please join us May 20-22nd in Boulder CO at our Caritas Community Conference where we will celebrate Jan!

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