Living Caritas in Extraordinary Times

As we share, we can heal. As we connect, we can hold each other up.

Living Caritas is a blog dedicated to Caritas nurses to share their narratives of communitas in this extraordinary time.

It is within our stories of struggle and triumph that we connect to who we are and the sacred service we give so freely. Caring Science honors all the complexities of care and helps sustain care givers in meaningful ways. This blog is an invitation to pause, find a still point in the midst of the uncertainty and turn toward our collective experiences with love and compassion. As you share your narrative and give voice to how Caring Science has helped sustain you, know that you will be both heard and cared for by your Caritas community.

We encourage you to use all ways of knowing by sending your words, poetry, art, pictures, videos or any combination that tells your unique story. As you read through yours and others take a moment to pause, send love or connect with them and share your gratitude.

In so many ways, having a foundation of Caring Science knowledge and practices is what is sustaining me more than ever and I know I am not alone. We know that being seen and heard is an important step to healing so these stories will not only inspire others but help the authors stay connected to who they are beyond what they do.
Christine Griffin, PhD, RN, NPD-BC, CPN, Caritas Coach®