New Program Announcement! WCSI Caritas Leadership Program™️

July 2021

Watson Caring Science Institute (WCSI) proudly announces its latest program — The WCSI Caritas Leadership Program™. This pilot, 6-month, online course was specifically developed for CNOs, Nurse Managers, and other Healthcare Leaders from Trinity Health and Mt. Carmel College.

Founder/Director Dr. Jean Watson and Course Director Sara Horton-Deutsch, worked with faculty to develop a unique, leadership program designed to engage in deep study and personal mastery of Caritas Leadership, guided by Caring Science literacy, and the 10 Caritas Processes® of Watson’s Theory of Human Caring. The participants will engage in monthly virtual learning circles with peers, guided by a WCSI Caritas Leader Faculty and includes visionary sharing by our Caring Science Leader Experts.

Who is it for?

This unique program is for hospital systems, nursing schools or other value/mission-driven organizations with a desire to develop their staff and implement authentic care and value systems of Caring Science within their workplace and beyond. As a WCSI Educational program, those completing receive an official ‘Caritas Leader’ designation.

Program Focus
Caritas Leaders™️ will:
  1. Explore an evolved worldview of Unitary Caring Science as context for higher consciousness of leadership – informed by a value, philosophy, ethic and ontology of ‘belonging’, connectedness and relations.
  2. Embrace Unitary Caring Science, intellectually and experientially, through the power of Caritas Leadership Circles.
  3. Engage in the 10 Caritas Processes® as a foundation for ontological leadership practice as a guide toward ‘being-in-right-relation’ with self/other/organization.
  4. Become more congruent in personal and professional life to develop a deeper sense of mastery of self… beyond roles.
  5. Envision, articulate, and translate one’s personal/professional ‘Ontology of Caritas Leadership’ toward organizational culture change.
  6. Establish a shared Caritas vision with others as a foundation for creating a collaborative community (‘communitas’) culture.
  7. Open to unexpected solutions that honor all ways of knowing, being, and becoming.
  8. Exercise cultural humility, allowing for multiple, diverse, experiences, points of view and different life patterns and beliefs.
  9. Access and use Caritas Leadership Circles for contemplation, and inner silence toward compassionate, critical, self-reflection.
  10. Experiment with Watson’s 7 Sacred Sutras© … as an exemplar for connecting with Spirit, Mystery, Source (Caritas Process 10).
UPDATE Aug 2021

Now offering registration for individuals and systems. Please click here to learn more.


For further information on how your organization can develop and grow your staff with us please contact: Jean Watson or Exec Director Julie Watson