A Nightingale’s Song: Nursing Notes to Gentle the Journey Through Serious Illness


by JoAnne Auger


A life-threatening diagnosis is one of those sentinel events that draws a line between life as usual and life will never be the same again. How do you help those in your care live and love in the shadow of serious illness?

Part memoir, part nursing advice, part reflection, A Nightingale’s Song… Nursing Notes to Gentle the Journey Through Serious Illness, charts a path through illness for caregivers. The book is a result of a long and rewarding palliative care nursing practice, the lived/worked experience of caring for many, many brave dear souls through the end of a lifetime.

Nurse Auger provides palliative care nursing notes to help the reader chart their caregiving journey through the shadows of serious illness. She illuminates the way with stories from her life and practice, offering resting places for encouragement and grace.

A Nightingale’s Song is written for caregivers and light-bringers who come to deeply know the beauty and brevity of lifetimes. If you are called upon to be a last responder, to care for someone as their journey nears the end, this book is for you.