The Canadian Institute of Integrative Nursing Development & Education Ltd.

Reviving the heART of caregiving…
At the Canadian Institute of Integrative Nursing Development & Education Ltd. (TheCIINDE—pronounced The KIND), we recognize that providing care places a high demand on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual resources. In an overtaxed healthcare system, nurses are reporting unhealthy stress levels, burn-out, and life/job dissatisfaction at alarming rates.

TheCIINDE Mission Statement:

We are an innovative organization dedicated to improving whole health and well-being for both nurses and their clients. Our vision is to facilitate and advocate for the advancement of holism and healing in both nurses and nursing practice. We believe that nurses—especially those with advanced skills in holistic nursing and nurse coaching—can be key influencers in preventing disease, promoting optimal health and well-being, and in guiding others in bringing and sustaining positive change in their lives.

It is our mission to promote and advocate for a holistic care approach that integrates eastern and western philosophies beginning first with the health and well-being of the nurse.

Our goal is to revive the heART of nursing by providing nurses with education, community, support and the essential tools needed to make a positive difference in their lives and the lives of those they serve.

We believe that all individuals deserve care that respects and honors individual needs and choices; acknowledges the role of environment, culture, social connection, the intricate connection between mind-body-spirit, and the healing process; and is grounded in evidence-informed/based research and practice.

Our programs and services are grounded in evidence, clinical knowledge and tools designed to enhance the overall well-being of both nurse and client.

Using a whole-care approach that integrates complementary therapies is empowering for both nurse and client and reinforces the innate healing abilities that lie within us all.

TheCIINDE Vision Statement:

We envision a world where nurses honor nurses, support one another, and are advocates for adopting a lifestyle where self-care is a part of everything that they do. As self-care agents and coaches, they act as role models in the community assisting others in achieving optimal health and well-being, while preventing illness and disease.

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