WCSI Lotus Library Proudly Announces Its Newest Publication!

Caring Science as Sacred Science, Revised Edition

“In this continuing work, I have allowed myself to incorporate personal material… for my own caring-healing processes … So, in some ways, writing about Caring and Sacred Science may not be tolerated in academic circles and scholarly work, but if there was ever a time to converge personal and professional authentic, ethical efforts for living/being/doing/becoming scholarly, spirit-filled, and scientific, it is NOW.”
~ Jean Watson

Boulder, CO – June 8, 2021

Watson Caring Science Institute’s Lotus Library proudly announces its newest publication: Caring Science as Sacred Science, Revised Edition by WCSI’s founder and Director Dr. Jean Watson. Written by the leading expert in Caring Science, Dr. Jean Watson, this updated, newly revised text offers a moral and philosophical foundation for all health professionals.

This moral/ethical framework offers the reader a way to work and view life through a caring and healing lens. The author discusses a new paradigm for mind-body-spirit nursing/medicine and healthcare. You will gain core knowledge of caring as it relates to both education and the practice of compassionate, professional human caring and healing.

This new edition includes Watson’s most recent writings on the Seven Sacred Sutras as well as her 10 Caritas Processes®, a foundational, values-based guide in which to base your life and work.

Publication Date: June 12th 2021
Further info/press copy: julie@watsoncaringscience.org
Available for purchase in The Caring Store, Amazon/Kindle and all major bookstores.

For further info/press inquiries contact: Julie Watson: julie@watsoncaringscience.org

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