Unitek Learning Awarded Prestigious Distinction by Watson Caring Science Institute


Unitek is the first academic institution to receive Lotus Recognition™

Unitek Learning is thrilled to announce that they have received special accolades from the Watson Caring Science Institute. On July 15, 2023, Unitek was awarded Lotus Recognition™ at the Caritas Community Conference in Boulder, Colorado. This recognition focuses on the organization’s commitment to a caring culture in healthcare and academia. It highlights industry leaders who have demonstrated their resolve to care for staff, students, healthcare partners, and systems.

“We are so thrilled to receive this recognition from the Watson Caring Science Institute,” said Janis Paulson, Chief Executive Officer at Unitek Learning. “WCSI is an international non-profit organization that advances Dr.Watson’s theories, philosophies, and practices of Caring Science. They work on a global level to instill excellence in caring for the patients and communities that we all serve. To be chosen by this organization is both an honor and a privilege.”

Dr. Jean Watson, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN, LL (AAN), nurse leader and pioneer of the Watson Caring Science Institute, added: “There is a difference between ordinary nursing and Caritas Nursing. The difference lies in the evolution of heart-centered consciousness and working from this evolved awareness. The first Caritas Process® of loving-kindness compassion and equanimity contributes to this evolution of a Caritas Nurse®.”

Unitek Learning has implemented various Caritas Praxis within academic programs and partnerships. The WCSI Lotus Recognition™ is focused on the three tenets of Watson’s Caring Science Theory and Praxis. Unitek has created healing environments, which include a leadership academy, Caritas Coach® leaders and centers of excellence for both students and faculty. In addition, Unitek has infused Watson Caring Science theory and Caritas language into their curriculum and advocates for resources to support human-to-human caring moments. By adopting the ethics of Watson Caring Science, Unitek Learning has transformed their educational model into one that promotes unique patient care and caring partnerships in academia. The goal is to sustain altruistic values by the practice of kindness, compassion, and equanimity with the self and others.

“As a leader in healthcare education, Unitek Learning’s vision is to co-create a healthier and more equitable world by repatterning the culture of nursing education and healthcare,” said Dr. Abdel Yosef, Provost and Chief Academic Officer at Unitek Learning. “We want to train and empower future nursing professionals to make a positive impact on their patients, their peers, and their communities. Our mission is to co-create a healing educational environment that contributes to the evolution of a ‘Caritas Nurse®.’ This type of nurse will change the world, and their world, one transpersonal caring moment at a time.”

About Unitek Learning: Unitek Learning is the parent company of several distinguished learning institutions: Unitek College, Unitek EMT, Unitek Training Healthcare, Eagle Gate College, Provo College, and Brookline College. Unitek programs teach the clinical practices and theory used in the field today. Equipped with a multitude of sought-after skills, Unitek graduates are prepared to excel in many of the fastest-growing careers in healthcare and nursing.

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