Watson’s Human Caring Theory: Pertinent Transpersonal and Humanities Concepts for Educators

April 16, 2016

By Carey S. Clark
Nursing Programs, University of Maine at Augusta

Academic Editors: Sara Horton-Deutsch and Pamela Ironside

Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring and the caring moment are based in part in the concepts of transpersonal psychology. This paper will provide a historical background around transpersonal psychology and how it relates to Watson’s human caring moment. The purpose of explicating these humanities-based concepts is to support nurses and nurse educators in creating a deeper understanding of Watson’s caring-healing moment as a time-space continuum, where the nurse’s caring supports a mutually created environment for healing. The article provides useful background information, as well as outlining simple steps to revising nursing curricula so that they become supportive of nursing students’ growth as transpersonal-caring beings.

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