WCSI Affiliate Spotlight: Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System

January 2024

Implementation of Jean Watson’s Caring Theory | VISN 16 Community of Practice (COP)

During the COVID-19 stressors, nursing leadership recognized the need to begin each day with a mindful moment and positive psychology during nursing huddles. This time to reflect and unwind prepared the nurses for the remainder of the day.

The Southeast Louisiana Veterans Healthcare System (SLVHCS) Nursing Service adopted Jean Watson’s Human Caring Theory in the fall of 2020. Human Caring Theory and the Ten Caritas Processes® were presented during the nursing town halls to the entire nursing staff. To incorporate Caritas Processes into nursing practice, one process is identified each month and disseminated to all units, displayed on huddle boards, and posted on SharePoint. Caritas has been incorporated into nursing practice and all nursing unit and nursing committee meetings. During the daily nursing huddle, nurse managers relate any Caritas moments that have occurred on their nursing units. The nursing staff receives a video on one of the Caritas moments monthly. The Chair and Co-Chair actively participate in the monthly VISN 16 Community of Practice (COP) Caritas meetings and will assist SLVHCS in incorporating the Caritas process into all nursing functional statements and competencies.

Chair: Monike Turner, MSN, RN
Co-Chair: Hydredecine Lewis, MSN, RN, PMH-BC, CCM, CNL