Board Appoints Julie Watson as new Executive Director, Watson Caring Science Institute

August 2020, Boulder, CO

Watson Caring Science Institute Board of Directors is happy to announce Julie Watson has been named Executive Director of WCSI to stabilize the operations of the Institute. Julie has been involved with the Institute for the past 3½ years in a transition role, and as Managing Editor of our imprint Lotus Library. She remains dedicated to supporting and living out the mission of the non-profit to ensure her Mother, Dr. Jean Watson’s legacy lives on. “I’m honored to step into the role of Executive Director,” she said, “Since my involvement, I’ve deepened my understanding of Caring Science and Theory, particularly through the Caritas Coach Education Program® (CCEP), which was life changing for me.”

Jean Watson, Founder and Director said “As we enter a new season, even in midst of such pandemic upheaval, Human Caring — our mission — needs a solid foundation, a home. I’m delighted with the Board’s decision to bring Julie on to focus on the operational side of things.”

Jean Watson remains Founder and Director of WCSI while disengaging from the daily operations of the Institute. She continues to be involved selectively with programs and projects which further the visionary work of the Institute.

In assuming the Executive Director role, Julie builds upon her graduate degrees and diverse background from her professional work experiences in Brighton, England where she co-founded a non-profit. Her experience of having worked in community arts education and successfully fundraised for innovative community development and healing arts programs will be a great asset to WCSI.

Julie’s Background

Julie can be reached at

Other Team members remain the same:

Finance: Katie Small
Website/Social Media: Carol Wadsworth
WCSI Faculty Associates: all experts in Caring Science can be found on our website, please consider them for your professional development/training needs.

Photo: Jean & Julie Watson at the 2nd Global Human Caring Conference, Montevideo Uruguay.

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