Celebrating Caritas Colleague Gayle L Casterline

March 2021

We continue to highlight our Caritas Colleagues and share their contribution and commitment to Caring Science. This month we are celebrating: Gayle L Casterline, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, Caritas Coach®.

My Story

I first heard Dr. Jean Watson speak in the 80’s at a Sigma Theta Tau conference. Her ideas of expanding consciousness and transpersonal relationships fit perfectly with my own experiences with spiritual connectedness. Since that time I have used Caring Science as a model for my personal and professional life. I have also been deeply influenced by Dr. Rosemarie Rizzo Parse, my dissertation advisor, who encouraged me to pursue qualitative research questions. Lastly, I have been inspired by Dr. Barbara Dossey and the importance of creative expressions of healing.

My favorite Caritas Process® is #6 using creative ways of knowing for solution-seeking. As a nurse healer, I value empirical and subjective ways of knowing. As a researcher, I learned that I needed to be curious and use my strengths to find answers. I particularly like aesthetic ways of knowing, and enjoy using art, poetry, music, sound, rhythm, and voice to experience caring and healing. I use these to create a nonthreatening learning environment that puts students at ease.

Aesthetic ways of knowing connects diverse groups of people, helping us see one another’s humanity.

Areas of Expertise
  • Spirituality and health
  • Holistic modalities for self-care
  • Caring environments in higher education
  • Ethical leadership
Contributions to the Legacy of Caring Science

I celebrated 50 years in nursing this year! As my career drew me into the roles of researcher and academic educator, I hope that others have seen me as a kind, approachable leader. Perhaps my legacy will be the hundreds of students I have encouraged to develop and implement theory-informed research. I have championed the importance of theory-guided practice and holistic caring of self and others. My spiritual path is long and deep; I believe we experience fulfillment when our devotion to Love is met by sacred presence in our lives. I was honored to have been invited by Jean to teach in the very first Caritas Coach Education Program in Amelia Island and I am so proud of the caring work our coaches accomplish all over the world! I am deeply grateful for Jean’s caring presence in my life.


Spartanburg, South Carolina

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