Celebrating Caritas Colleague Marlienne Goldin

April 2021

We continue to highlight our Caritas Colleagues and share their contribution and commitment to Caring Science. This month we are celebrating: Marlienne Goldin, DCS, RN, BSN, MPA, CNML, Caritas Coach®, WCSI Postdoc Scholar.

My Story

I started out in health care as a Volunteer EMT, went on to become an Advanced Life Support Paramedic, attended Bergen Community College for my AAS in Nursing, continued on my educational journey and received my BSN from St. Peter’s College in Jersey City. A few years later I achieved a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Seton Hall University in NJ. I never expected I would go on to get a Doctorate in Caring Science from WCSI, followed by a Postdoc and named a WCSI Distinguished Scholar. I‘m proud to say I was a founding member of WCSI, and fortunate enough to be a Caritas Coach graduate in the very first Caritas Coach Education Program® (CCEP) class. I’m honored to be a Caritas Coach faculty member.

I’ve discovered Caring Science is not only a Nursing Theory but a Life Theory. I’ve applied it in all areas of my life. When my husband of 42 years died 15 years ago, I moved and relocated 500 miles to North Carolina. I’d cry for the loss of my husband and then I’d be angry at myself for crying. He died on Hospice care, I was a critical care nurse and I knew he was going to die, so why was I so upset?? I applied Caritas Process #1, Loving Kindness to Self. I forgave myself for my tears. I reminded myself I was not in the role of Critical Care Nurse but a bereft widow who just lost her husband. This was a Transpersonal Caring Moment with myself. I was a new widow in unfamiliar surroundings I started treating myself with love and kindness. I let myself experience gratitude and love for the 42 years of marriage. My favorite Jean Watson quote is “Caring travels in concentric circles, from self to other, to community, to nation, to the universe”.

I’ve discovered Caring Science is not only a Nursing Theory but a Life Theory.

Areas of Expertise

Presently my area of expertise is creating caring work environments on inpatient nursing units. Promoting respect, teamwork and supporting staff members has been my joy.

Contributions to the Legacy of Caring Science

Creating a Caring Environment for Nurses is my way of living out Dr. Watson’s Theory and honoring Nursing for the sprit filled profession that it is. To quote the title of my dissertation, Nursing is Love Manifested!


Greensboro, North Carolina, USA

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